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.:When you wish upon a star [*] makes no difference who /you\ are:. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Feb 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

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The PaRtizzle is on! [29 Jan 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | eating baskin robbins...yummy! ]

Monday[x]-> school [1st day of new semester] here's my sched: 1st hour-French w/ Gordon, 2nd hour-Gym w/ Klein, 3rd hour-Language Arts-4 w/ Gray, 4th hour-Math w/ Pikula, 5th hour-ISM w. Wittaker. i really don't like my schedule...especially my gym class. i had a schedule problem [of course!]they put me in LA 2 instead of LA 4 and mrs. malone wouldn't help me fix my scheduling problem, so the assistant principal had to help me. cheer practice. oh yeah! and it was a half day. so after school, i went to Bellachino's with sarah and kendal and we went to rite aid and stuff. then i had to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned [not fun] :-( i had no cavities tho! yeah!

Tuesday[x]-> school. "jebidiah springfield" ->lmao genny!. running club...nadine FINALLY asked kassem[a] to sponge. it was cute!. cheer/b-ball game at HOME vs. Garden City. both JV and varsity won. oh yeah! and i went to tap class...lol!

Wednesday[x]-> school [half day]. went out to holiday grill for lunch and then baskin robbins. on the way out of school tho, i got stopped by the guy i asked to sponge. he said he wanted to go if i still wanted to go and he can go and get his number from my sis and call him sometime. my friends thought it was so cute...and i was like "ok...you finally decided you can go and it's a week after i've asked you?" lol. after baskin robbins, i went school supply shopping for the new semester. then i went to cheer practice and then i went to lauren's. lauren's parents drove me and her to go see *coach carter* with the b-ball team and other cheerleaders [cuz they rented out the theater]. the movie was ok but it was SO long! omg!... and then i went to math club -hehe.

Thursday[x]-> school. cheer practice. dance.

Friday[x]-> school. random platic baggie i packed for lunch with nothing in it and walking fingers are people. lol genny and kendal. cheer game at Inkster. both JV and varsity won. and this guy was rapping the national anthem...it was SOOO long!

Today[x]-> i worked as a child slave to my sister all day and had to clean the entire house for her party. i was pretty ticked. this was not how i planned to spend my saturday [evening]. the party started at 7 and now i am SO BORED and annoyed! Someone please save me! gimme a call...


xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: hey hey hey!
BLUEndWHITE6120: hey!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: sup????
BLUEndWHITE6120: nothin much...i just got back from seeing *coach carter* [aka the longest movie made besides titanic] -lol-
BLUEndWHITE6120: you?
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: nuthin- how wuz it?
BLUEndWHITE6120: ok...not the best movie ever created...but not bad
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: maybe if i had a dire love for b*ball it would be better
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol yea that helps
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: how was your game?
BLUEndWHITE6120: you win?
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: no!- we're all soooooooo mad @ britney gibbs rite now.
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: all she did wuz scream @ ppl, nd miss the ball, then she had her phone out, so that's 5 sleds
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: plus the other 1 5 we already had 2 do, so that'll b like r whole practice@!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: ahhhhhh
BLUEndWHITE6120: OH MAN...that REALLY sucks!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: yea mon!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: no duh!- nobody likes her. sam k. nd me wanna punch her soo bad!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: but we no she's not worth it lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: *Stephanie~ the "sponge situation"- "my mom is very cautious"-- aww how cute!
BLUEndWHITE6120: ^lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: awwww
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: hope u don't mind
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's fine
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: did u talk 2 him ne more?
BLUEndWHITE6120: no...i'll wait to call him...
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: maybe this weekend i'll call
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: hehe
BLUEndWHITE6120: we can "attempt" to talk in school for awhile
BLUEndWHITE6120: and if that doesn't work, i can resort to the phone
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol- make 'attempt' into '4 sure'
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: i'm willing to talk...but the kid is a MUTE and a nervous wreck...lol!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: aww but it's cute nervous
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: and u know how he's in theater?
BLUEndWHITE6120: i can't see him acting and getting into it
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: didn't bu
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: t*
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah, he's in kendal and michelle's theater class
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: aww- "stephanie, inthe east thy window shines, and you , stephanie are the sun lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: nice shannon...nice
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: wouldn't that be cute?
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...but i don't think he's do that
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: i no, aren't i talented
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i would actually pee my pants if he did
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: awwww
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah, but seriously, you would too if a guy came up to you and said that...
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i think it's funny
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: o yea!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: maybe if it was romantic...but please...coming from a fourteen year old boy!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: awww
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: i no whatcha mean lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: shannon you should ask another person
BLUEndWHITE6120: ...it would be cool if you went
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: yea, but there's nobody 2 ask!
BLUEndWHITE6120: so it was like me, you, katie and our dates
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: what about mark kuptz...J/k
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: yea that would be awesome
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: omg!
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: no
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: sum1 my height pleez. lo
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: l*'
BLUEndWHITE6120: there's always joe...lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: omg!
BLUEndWHITE6120: hmm...omar?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol...J/K
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: what???
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: omar khan and shannon carey
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: ewww!
BLUEndWHITE6120: that has a certain ring to it...
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol j/k
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: u better b lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i am.
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: man i wish andrew s. wuz still going. he says "sry i would go w/ u, but i don't dance"
BLUEndWHITE6120: tell him, that it doesn't matter if he can't dance.
BLUEndWHITE6120: force him to go....lol
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: no, i feel awkward
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: ??:/
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: try 2 think of sum1 4 me, nd tell me in french 2morrow cuz i g2g- lylas

Auto response from BLUEndWHITE6120: BrB

xWiShUpOnAsTaR08: bye
xWiShUpOnAsTaR08 signed off at 8:32:05 PM.

later gator,
[x] stefie [x]


TEAMWORK... [23 Jan 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey::i went to sunday school this morning. there were no kids to teach, so me and nora went downstairs to help out with the spaghetti dinner. it was fun. then, i went home and the bailey's came and picked me up and we stopped at 7-11 and then went to our soccer game. we lost 7-2, but we all played pretty well. i scored a goal! i was pretty exciting. a good on too. during warm-up, i was shooting HARD shots, and this shot during the game was a break away. and the goalie slid to get the ball and i kicked it really hard and line drived it straight over the goalie into the net from outside the box. it hit the 5 in the center. PRETTY SWEET!

now i get to go be lazy and do homework and what not.

[x] stephanie [x]


It seems like i'm the one to love to hate... [22 Jan 2005|12:26pm]
[ mood | i feel like singing ]

Monday[x]: school...it was going good until the afternoon. then it was a complete disatster. let's say, i ended up crying because my final for ISM was making a dreamweaver website(s) and i had it as a matter and copy and pasting, and then at school my whole project crashed and burned. so, i had to stay after school to fix it as best as i could. then, i went to cheer practice an hour late.

Tuesday[x]: school...once again, it was going good until the afternoon. I had my chemistry final, which i basically bombed. but that's ok cuz i was expecting to. and i als oasked my sponge date to sponge but i got a "um..i don't know. i'll think about it." answer and so what am i suppose to do/say now? "are you done thinking"? after school, i went to running club. after running club, i went to the b-ball game at Monroe. both JV and varsity won.

Wednesday[x]:1/2 day! whoo. first one since >-cc-> season's been over and i actually got to hang out after school! it was exciting. [i miss cross country.] okay so i went to school for my gym fianl, which was SO stupid, because no one showed up. it was really a waste of a day. then, I went to kendal's after school. we walked in the snow to her house [katlyn, briget, sarah, me, kendal, madeline]. we stopped in little ceaser's however to pick up 2 pizzas, 2 crazy breads, and a 2 liter of coke. it was fun at kendal's. she freaked me out because she told me that my grandma was here to pick me up and i was like "what?! she's 2 hours early!" <-b/c that is something my grandma woul do. so i went to check, but she really wasn't there. then i went to cheer practice from 2-4.

Thursday[x]:start of semester break so...no school! i had dance class(es) which was fun. we did our tri-daily thing, which it has been awhile since i've done that.

Friday[x]:no school. went shopping at 12 oaks. i bought a couple shirts and a [track] jacket. oh..and some lipgloss from sephora [like i need anymore after christmas]. then, i went to my game at Woodhaven. JV won 60-29 and Varsity won something like 65-50. and so yeah...it was an okay day. i was super tired tho and i really wanted to sleep at the game and i didn't wanna be there, but it probably was one of the more fun games.

Today[x]:i woke up at 6 to watch the TRL re-run. tyler was on...which was awesome! then i went back to sleep. i woke up like 2 hours ago. today, i'm going to work on homework, clean :-( , and from 3-4 i'm suppose to do community service and help set up for the spaghetti dinner tomarrow at my church.

[x] stephanie [x]


Some convo*s...i'll update more later. [21 Jan 2005|11:25am]
[ mood | excited ]

ViciousKitty88: hey
BLUEndWHITE6120: hey
ViciousKitty88: whats up my homeslice?
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: good one...
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: not too much
BLUEndWHITE6120: what about you chump?
ViciousKitty88: lol nothin i just finished my la notes for my final
BLUEndWHITE6120: ah...1st hour?
ViciousKitty88: yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: i have french final 1st hour and ISM (computer) final the second half
BLUEndWHITE6120: what lunches you have?
ViciousKitty88: C and C
ViciousKitty88: u?
BLUEndWHITE6120: aw..A & A
ViciousKitty88: man
ViciousKitty88: thats gay
BLUEndWHITE6120: i know!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: what does genny have?
ViciousKitty88: i wiwhs i had a different lunch
ViciousKitty88: i dunno
ViciousKitty88: but i dont want my regular lunch
ViciousKitty88: lol its boring
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...
ViciousKitty88: u spelled led zeppelin wrong
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: oh...lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you going to sponge?
ViciousKitty88: umm im not really sure
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...i*m pretty sure i*m gunna ask someone...but everytime i go to ask...something bad/weird happens...like i got tackled in the hall one time and another time katie grabbed me and dragged me to this classroom to get paperwork for the pom team...lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't like this concept of girls asking guys..lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: me either
ViciousKitty88: its gay
ViciousKitty88: like finals
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
ViciousKitty88: and notes
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: omg katie isnt talking to me!
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: wth
ViciousKitty88: w/e
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: so r u doing indoor still?
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: u?
ViciousKitty88: yup yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: sweet..
ViciousKitty88: what happened to anna?
BLUEndWHITE6120: she got hurt today on the field
ViciousKitty88: she said she sprained her ankel
BLUEndWHITE6120: i*m not sure exactly what happen tho
BLUEndWHITE6120: probably
ViciousKitty88: lol i asked her if she was kicked
BLUEndWHITE6120: she fell pretty hard
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: she didnt really answer to what happened
ViciousKitty88: i dont think she knos either
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: did u play at 6am today?
ViciousKitty88: or was that a different game
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah, today was 6 a.m.
BLUEndWHITE6120: :-\
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: aww
ViciousKitty88: i feel bad
ViciousKitty88: my mom said she probly hurt her self cuz she was tired
BLUEndWHITE6120: maybe
BLUEndWHITE6120: but i got home at like 7:45ish and i was all hyper and awake and no one in my house was awake, so i went online and noo one was online, cuz everyone was SLEEPING...lol
ViciousKitty88: i my self think that it would b pretty fun to play at 6am
ViciousKitty88: oh i was really hyper after my game
ViciousKitty88: it was weird
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i know..soccer makes you hyper.
BLUEndWHITE6120: like, you don't know what to do
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: ya
BLUEndWHITE6120: sometimes it makes me feel like i*m on a sugar high..lol
ViciousKitty88: omg yes!
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: soccer's a freakin drug..lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: i was think the same thing
ViciousKitty88: *thinkin
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: so is brittany any good in net @ indoor?
BLUEndWHITE6120: um..yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't really like her tho
ViciousKitty88: me either
BLUEndWHITE6120: she annoys me...
BLUEndWHITE6120: she annoys EVERYONE!
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: i heard she talks about me at least jessie told me she used to
BLUEndWHITE6120: i*m sure she does
BLUEndWHITE6120: she's jus jealous
ViciousKitty88: like how she would beat me up to b goalie 4 DHS
ViciousKitty88: she might b
ViciousKitty88: i mean i never did anything to her
ViciousKitty88: she pisses me off
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: me 2...lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: everyone on our team like hates her
ViciousKitty88: lmaoi
ViciousKitty88: *lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: and she thinks everyone likes her
ViciousKitty88: ya thats what jessie would tell me
ViciousKitty88: do u think they r gunna switch the girls season to fall? cuz my mom was talkin about it yesterday
BLUEndWHITE6120: my mom told me today that the only sports switching (that is going to the supreme court) are: volleyball moving to fall, girl's b-ball moving to winter, girl's tennis/boy's tennis would switch, and girl's golf/boy's golf would switch
BLUEndWHITE6120: i would be so ticked if the switch girl's season to fall. i dunno how i could choose between cross country and soccer. of course i'd go for soccer b/c i love it so much and have been playing it for so long (long that >-CC->) but i don't think i could jus leave cross country like that.
ViciousKitty88: ya really
ViciousKitty88: that would suck cuz i really like field hockey even though our team sucks
ViciousKitty88: lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you doing it next year?
ViciousKitty88: heck yes
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: i could get 4 yrs varsity if i stick with it
BLUEndWHITE6120: you and your gi-mongus bag
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah..same here!
BLUEndWHITE6120: that's cool
ViciousKitty88: that bag is huge
ViciousKitty88: it bugs me
ViciousKitty88: but it holds everything
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: you look like you're going camping and you're carrying the tent
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lmao
ViciousKitty88: looks like im moving out of my house
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol...homeless
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: ppl be whispering...."hey did ya hear about that madeline girl" "ya i heard shes homeless now"
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: oh man hav u seen my brothers red hat b4?
ViciousKitty88: im sure u hav every1 has
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: darn i gtg lilli wants to use the computr
ViciousKitty88: ttyl lylas
ViciousKitty88 is away at 7:36:10 PM.
BLUEndWHITE6120: lylas..later

Auto response from ViciousKitty88: around the house
watchin tv



Auto response from BLUEndWHITE6120: ::my secret is fatally gorgeous::

XxImBigUpNoRtHxX returned at 8:37:26 PM.
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: omg hes sooo hot
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: http://www.the-n.com/mb/viewtopic.php?t=1450007
BLUEndWHITE6120: go there
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: k
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i think hes like 17
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: still very do-able
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: ugh
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i wanna jump out of his cake lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: haha...exotic dancer?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol j/k
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no prostatute so i could do him
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: id be a good birthday present
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i would
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: god danm it he has a g/f tho
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: madeline thiks he looks like a onkey!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: monkey*
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i dont tho
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lo
BLUEndWHITE6120: um...he remsembles a monkey a little bit...not really though
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: uhhh i beg to differ
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i g2g see ya tommrow
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: bye
BLUEndWHITE6120: lylas. later


6:00 a.m. soccer game...5:00 a.m wake up...I'm doing good... [16 Jan 2005|07:37am]
[ mood | awake ]

Monday[x]::school.cheer practice

Tuesday[x]::school.running club. b*ball game at HOME vs. ALLEN PARK. Jv lost but varsity won! it was nice, my allen park aunt and uncle came over on the dearborn side to watch me cheer for the JV game, and then went over to the allen park side to watch their son, nick, play in the varsity game. even my grandma, grandpa, and 2 uncles went to the other side! traitors... no, it was fun though...i was carrying mats down to the cafeteria, and nick came up and sat on the mat i was carrying, and like broke my arms...

Wednesday[x]::school. cheer practice. 6-8 tutoring help at DCMST.

Thursday[x]::school. after-school tutoring help [which was a total joke. I HATE MATH~WITH A PASSION!]. was late for cheer practice. dance class...gosh it was good to be back! I WAS SO EXICTED! i miss dance so much...and my friends from it too. <3

Friday[x]::Ashley's 17th Birthday~! man she's old...school. [MATH FINAL... :-( ]photo club and yearbook pic. bball game at RObicahud. Jv won!...varsity lost.

Yesterday[x]::went to mongolian for ash's birthday. and then went to micheal's for supplies for today. then, i studied for my French final.

Today[x]::6:00 a.m. indoor soccer game. i scored! which was sweet and we also won! i went to slidetackle a girl on the other time and i kicked the back of the ankle, causing her to kick the ball in...so everyone thought i scored a 2nd goal, but it wasn't me...lol. I'm ALIVE AND AWAKE NOW! and no one is online. i've played a soccer game, had breakfast, and taken a shower and still no one in my house is awake. RISE AND SHINE SLEEPYHEADS!::
-later today though, i have to teach sunday school. nora's not gunna be there, and i'm having the kids make jewlry. i sure hope the kids don't swallow the beads! lol. then, i have to work on my ISM final for tomarrow...dreamweaver.


BLUEndWHITE6120: okee dokee, i*m back
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: kool
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said i was jose
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im not a man!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i only got 2 wrong on the-n quiz
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im a genuis
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: but they said i was jose
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im not a MAN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you?
BLUEndWHITE6120: j/k
BLUEndWHITE6120: that sucks
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i kno
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was like girl not MAN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: they should have a ? or something like: female or male, so at least they know which gender to pick for you
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: duh
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said i like girls nd money but mosly girls
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was like uhhh NO
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i like MEN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: now im taking a quiz on how degrassi is my life
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i better score high
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said that my life was a lot like degrassi h/o ill copy nd past
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: Degrassi's not exactly "Reality TV". I mean it definitely pushes the limits of how much drama happens in one school or to one group of people. But, hey, some people's lives push the drama limits all the time. We get the sense that you're the type of Degrassi fan that's blurting out "That is SO MY LIFE" more often than "That would SO never happen!"
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol thats soooo true
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said im a flirt too
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: danm they get me
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i g2g...i*m getting tutor*d/math help on a project over at DCMST...ttyl...bye
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: bye
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lylas

Sk8great128: steph u have to ask him tomorrow
Sk8great128: or its gonna be too late
BLUEndWHITE6120: ok...i was going to today after school...but then i asked nadine what to call him [i.e. "hey jerimiah or hey jeremy"] and when i turned around...he was gone
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: i no she told me lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: what do you call him/what should i call him?
Sk8great128: um jeremiah
Sk8great128: cuz mr gordon asked what he likes to be called and he said jeremiah
Sk8great128: dont ask how i remembered
BLUEndWHITE6120: ok...lol
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: cuz his sister calls him jer
BLUEndWHITE6120: and i was like...no
BLUEndWHITE6120: i'm not calling him that
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't wanna be a total loser and call him some random name that he either doesn't like or doesn't go by
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: lol
Sk8great128: yea
BLUEndWHITE6120: ok...so i should say..."hey jeremiah, i was wondering if you had a date for the sponge dance. if you don't, i wanted to know if you would like to go with me?"
BLUEndWHITE6120: does that sound good?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: yea it does lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: because...i was jus gunna say hey, and not say his name, therefore i wouldn't have to worry about it, but then i was like, "what if he doesn't turn around to look at me. then i'd have to like tap him on the shoulder."
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: this is a long process
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: lol
Sk8great128: i c your point but you gotta get there early and like wait around his locher and make sure you catch hime
BLUEndWHITE6120: toal stalker status!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yes!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: total*
Sk8great128: hey you gotta do waht u gotta do lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...lol
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: well, i g2g...i*m getting tutor*d/math help on a project over at DCMST...ttyl...bye
Sk8great128: ok bye
Sk8great128 signed off at 5:44:07 PM.

handsinthapocket: are you coming tuesday to the allen park vs. dearborn basketball game?
ApAllStar3260: idk
ApAllStar3260: wheres it at
ApAllStar3260: whats your email
ApAllStar3260: mazenblue
handsinthapocket: it's at dearborn [i'm cheerleading!]
handsinthapocket: which email...yahoo or aol?
ApAllStar3260: both
ApAllStar3260: no im not going
ApAllStar3260: we have a half day and i going to the movies with people
handsinthapocket: fine...
handsinthapocket: >:o
handsinthapocket: j/k
handsinthapocket: i love you
handsinthapocket: lol
ApAllStar3260: ok
handsinthapocket: um...i have no mazenblue email
handsinthapocket: i think that's the kaye's
ApAllStar3260: so then which ones yours
handsinthapocket: from the erica email?
ApAllStar3260: yeah
ApAllStar3260: u got it
ApAllStar3260: im looking at them now
handsinthapocket: mine's not on there....ash forwarded it to me
ApAllStar3260: oh ok
ApAllStar3260: what is it
handsinthapocket: i have so many email addresses and s/n's that it isn't funny
handsinthapocket: timberlake is my aol address
handsinthapocket: and then i have 50 gazillion yahoo s/n's
handsinthapocket: or email addresses
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: i remember that one
handsinthapocket: what one?
ApAllStar3260: timberlake
handsinthapocket: ok..
ApAllStar3260: did u put erikas sn on your buddy list
handsinthapocket: no
handsinthapocket: did u
ApAllStar3260: yeah
ApAllStar3260: im talking to her
handsinthapocket: how come you didn't go to the camp meeting
ApAllStar3260: did u
ApAllStar3260: i totally forgot
handsinthapocket: yeah
ApAllStar3260: what did they talk about
handsinthapocket: i'm not going tho
ApAllStar3260: to sail camp
ApAllStar3260: me neither
handsinthapocket: it was so gay b/c my mom made me go anyways
ApAllStar3260: lol
ApAllStar3260: actually i was at my gmas while my mom was at kroger
handsinthapocket: and then we had to drive jeff to the funeral parlor b/c his great-g*ma died
ApAllStar3260: oh
ApAllStar3260: and then when mi madre came back i went to subway and i started talking to chante
ApAllStar3260: l
handsinthapocket: seriously
ApAllStar3260: yeah
handsinthapocket: how do you recognize her?
ApAllStar3260: she was really really nice
ApAllStar3260: no
handsinthapocket: how do you know her
handsinthapocket: ?
ApAllStar3260: listen
handsinthapocket: besides through danielle
handsinthapocket: i don't think you've ever met her...have you?
ApAllStar3260: this one girl that was working there was like i going to go wash dishes if chanel doesnt mind and then i was like oh i know chantel and the girl that was making my sub was like im chantel and then i was like yeah and i know you and my sister but the i started telling her a lot about danielle and she kept giving me like a weird look
ApAllStar3260: but anyways
ApAllStar3260: what grade is she is
ApAllStar3260: *in
ApAllStar3260: Lauren Hemming CW
handsinthapocket: 12th
handsinthapocket: how did you know that that was danielle's chatel
handsinthapocket: chantel*
ApAllStar3260: she told me at camp
handsinthapocket: and what the heck is that lauren flemming thing?
ApAllStar3260: idk lol
ApAllStar3260: it was in erikas profile
handsinthapocket: ok...?
handsinthapocket: oh
ApAllStar3260: look at her journal
the journal (friends only, but ask and I'll add you!)
ApAllStar3260: its different from everyone elses
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: aarons journal is in erikas
ApAllStar3260: look at it
ApAllStar3260: ruth wrote aaron an email and he put it in there
ApAllStar3260: r u looking at it
handsinthapocket: yeah...ash was telling me about it...lol
ApAllStar3260: about thanksgiving
handsinthapocket: yeah
handsinthapocket: i think her mom typed it up and sent it as her
ApAllStar3260: lol
ApAllStar3260: haha
handsinthapocket: too many big words for ruth
handsinthapocket: lol
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: i ahve gto go pee
handsinthapocket: ok...go do that
handsinthapocket: don't kill yourself
ApAllStar3260: that was funny
handsinthapocket: what?
ApAllStar3260: the letter
ApAllStar3260: how do u read erikas journal
handsinthapocket: ?
ApAllStar3260: what did they talk about at the camp meeting
handsinthapocket: camp
ApAllStar3260: what kinds
handsinthapocket: all kinds
ApAllStar3260 is away at 3:31:56 PM.
ApAllStar3260 returned at 3:33:31 PM.
ApAllStar3260: was nora there today
handsinthapocket: no
handsinthapocket: but her dad was
handsinthapocket: she was there for sunday school though
ApAllStar3260: were you at church
ApAllStar3260: 11 or 830
handsinthapocket: nope
handsinthapocket: neither
ApAllStar3260 is away at 3:53:09 PM.

*Gathering Pictures!* [compliments of erica...i*ll post the ones i took later.]Collapse )


bored... [09 Jan 2005|03:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today has been so boring. i went to sunday school and taught with nora. then my mom made me go to this camp meeting at 12 [i*m not even going to the camp!]. i*m prolly just gunna do homework now.

ADDED MOMENT FROM TUESDAY DECEMBER 28th 2004 [at the gathering]:

besides it being my half birthday, nick shot blueberries out of his nose after the pie-eating/big-pig contest. it was exciting! lol.


^me, ash, and elaine at applebees

^me and ash before homecoming

^me and ash before homecoming

^me and ash at the sports banquet

[x] steph [x]


.::*::. [08 Jan 2005|03:08pm]
[ mood | whatever ]

NEW YEAR's EVE: went bowling with a whole bunch of people [family-extended and friends] and i even won one game! whoo! beat that ash! lmao...then cob told his mom ashley wanted to know about kneecaps, so mrs. thomas proceeded to grab ashley's kneecaps and sak her what about her kneecaps she needs to know. and ash freaked out and ran away. lol! later, we went to the welsh's with everyone from bowling and played a bunch of games for prizes like, what switched and find what the picture is of. and other games. i got a stuffed skunk, but traded it for a candy cane bowl. lol. it was a nice night tho. most people stayed until midnight and we watched the ball drop outside through a window. and mike wanted to do his annual shirtless run around the block, but his dad wouldn't let him b/c of his cast on his leg.

THE FIRST OF 2005: RoSe BoWl! michigan lost however...by one stink*n point. i was SO mad/upset. 38-37 in favor of texas in the last 2 seconds, for they made a field goal [just barely]. the iowa game was exciting too. iowa won in the last second too, on an amazing touchdown pass...it was sweet!

Jan. 2nd:went to 9:30 church service. went to cofee hour. said our good-byes to dave and karla. then i did homework the rest of the day.

Jan. 3rd:back to school...ugh. the day was AWFUL i was going to be late for school, so i was rushing at home. at the last moment, i noticed that i must have stepped in something and i'd spread it all over the carpetting in the , everywhere! so i started freaking out cuz i didn't jus want to leave it in the carpetting to set, but i didn't wanna be late for school. school was boring and ok i guess. then, i had cheer practice.

Jan. 4th:school. game @ crestwood. we won! i left the varsity game early to go to tap class. i was SO happy to be at dance [even if i did have my cheer uniform].

Jan. 5th:school. all after school activities were cancled due to the bad weather. so no cheer practice. YeAh! that made my day.

Jan. 6th:SNOW DAY~! YeAh BaBi!!! i slept in til 11 then i went to see "the darkness" with katie, genny, madeline, michelle, kendal, and sarah. there was NO ONE at the theaters. then everyone except me and katie went shopping since we were already at the mall. me and katie and ally went sledding which was fun. i blew the sled...lol. the people next to us on the hill, hated me, lol!

Jan. 7th:school. game @ home vs. Highland Park. we won! i hung out with mckenzie, genny, erin, and jessie. it was fun.

TODAY: went to the bank for like forever. and i'll prolly do some homework and do random stuff. i'm bored.

ApAllStar3260: hey
BLUEndWHITE6120: hey..hold on
ApAllStar3260: ok
ApAllStar3260: did michelle get a new sn cause shes never on anymore
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
ApAllStar3260: whats a stiletto
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's a kind of heel
BLUEndWHITE6120: like...stiletto shoes
ApAllStar3260: ok
ApAllStar3260: howd you like the gathering
BLUEndWHITE6120: ...are high thin heel*d shoes
BLUEndWHITE6120: i liked loved it!
BLUEndWHITE6120: you?
ApAllStar3260: i liked loved it!
ApAllStar3260: how do u cross something out
BLUEndWHITE6120: highlight whatever you want crossed out and right click and go to font and check the 'strikeout' box
ApAllStar3260: i liked loved it!
BLUEndWHITE6120: there you go...
BLUEndWHITE6120: see...i*m a good teacher
ApAllStar3260: i know
ApAllStar3260: what did you really do
BLUEndWHITE6120: did you love it too?>
ApAllStar3260: how was spy
BLUEndWHITE6120: fun
ApAllStar3260: what did you make for dinner
ApAllStar3260: what did you talk about
ApAllStar3260: what movie did you watch
BLUEndWHITE6120: pasta and salade and bread
ApAllStar3260: salade?
ApAllStar3260: now its my turn to teach
BLUEndWHITE6120: we watched *Luther* [it was 2 hours and 6 minutes long!]
ApAllStar3260: its salad
BLUEndWHITE6120: i slept through half of it though
ApAllStar3260: haha
BLUEndWHITE6120: but the parts i saw were good
BLUEndWHITE6120: i was like twitching in my sleep
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: oh yeah! and ice cream
BLUEndWHITE6120: we had ice cream!
BLUEndWHITE6120: with sauce toppings! chocolate ice cream!
ApAllStar3260: what did you talk about
ApAllStar3260: sounds good
ApAllStar3260: did pastor elyse see you sleeping
ApAllStar3260: who was all there
BLUEndWHITE6120: probably...but i don't care
BLUEndWHITE6120: and she didn't care either
BLUEndWHITE6120: me, ash, josh, jake, emily, emily's friend, erica, ruth, jill, brian, mr. kaye, mrs. kaye, pr. elyse
ApAllStar3260: jill who
BLUEndWHITE6120: lewis [the unbelievably quiet one who went to the gathering with us]
ApAllStar3260: lol oh yea
ApAllStar3260: how could i forget
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...
ApAllStar3260: she was so loud i was about to punch her
BLUEndWHITE6120: huh?
BLUEndWHITE6120: is that sarcasm?
ApAllStar3260: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: okay..
ApAllStar3260: what did you talk about
ApAllStar3260: jake becoming a weeny
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...not really
ApAllStar3260: the fire alarm
ApAllStar3260 is away at 7:16:27 PM.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah..lol...ruth with no shoes on

Auto response from ApAllStar3260: Brb


XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: hey hey hey
BLUEndWHITE6120: howdy
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: whats up
BLUEndWHITE6120: not too much
BLUEndWHITE6120: u
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: n2m doing sum h/w still
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: ugh i hate my teachers
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...same here
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: omg it was cold after school today
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was freezing
BLUEndWHITE6120: oh...was it raining [i had cheer pract.]
BLUEndWHITE6120: ?
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: yea
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i got a ride tho
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: like i was gonna walk in that shit
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: omg im bored
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im sooo sick i dont think im gonna go to school tommrow
BLUEndWHITE6120: aw..poor baby
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i kno!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: my mom was like your going and deal w/ it cuz i dont want u staying home
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was like i cant breath!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: passing out?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: that's not good
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no but i cant breathe through my nose
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: that's not good at all my friend
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: its like its all cemented or something
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: its grody to the max!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: is your snot lime green?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no that was only that one time
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: you never know
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol

[x] Stephanie [x]


Mi Gathering '04 ~ Online@prayer.god ~ rocked! [31 Dec 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

this week's been crazy!

Monday[x]->showed up at church at 9:00 a.m. to leave. we had a small sending worship and then we were off. the people who went were: me, ash, elaine, emily, ruth, hannah, mrs. kaye, jill, emma, jake, josh, joe, alan, cob, mark, mr. kaye, brian, greg, and nick. i sat in the van with ash and elaine [my ohio cuz'n]. i felt bad b/c ruth made cob sit with her in the truck with her and all her coloring books, crayons, and wordsearches. in fact that was how it was all week long. ruth would make cob do everything with her and no one else. he always had to sit with her, go to concerts that he didn't want to go to with her, and eat food with her. i felt bad for the poor guy. but his mom did say to him to be nice to ruth. anyways...we drive to Fowlerville and stop to eat at a mcdonald's there. we talked our mclanguage [i hope you mcchoke] and talked about how funny it is going to be when alex and katie's brother get's to the high school age because he'll be mcmack mcmcdonell. and mr. kaye was presented a *WEENY HAT* and there were these creepy old men who kept asking me and my sister if we in town for a tournament or finals. lol. then, we loaded back into the van and drove to south lansing to the holiday inn there to stay for the gathering. we had to wait in the lobby at first, then we went to orientation, then we moved to another hallway and got our green gathering braclettes and our room keys. we took the elevator [one of two times we took the elevator the whole time...the elevators were usually too crowded so we'd take the stairs. then, i find out that elaine is in my room and i was so excited but confused because my room had 5 people in it [including elaine] and ash's room room only had 3, so they decided that was a mess-up, so elaine got switched to ash's room. which was okay because my room [479] and their room [481] had a connector door which was open most of the time. ruth's mom packed 8 pairs of new ear plugs for whoever slept in her room. lol. i was less than thrilled to be sharing a room with her. in my room there was me, emma [goose], mrs. kaye, and ruth. ruth and mrs. kaye shared a bed and emma had a queen to herself and i slept on a roll-away cot. in ash's room there was ash, elaine, jill, and emily. so then everyone met in SPY central [mr. kaye's room] like we do before almost every event and before we go to sleep. then, we loadded back into the van and went to Mjeirs and every one bought tons of junk food and pop and sugar and me ash and elaine bought 60 dollars [nick, brian, and gregg spent $70 on junk food only] worth of salade, soup, juice, milk, bagels, cream cheese, fruit, cereal bars, elaine's starbuck's carmel frappacino's which she down'd, and yougurt. oh yeah! and a strawberry shortcake toothbrush b/c i left mine at home. so we go to check out and people were going crazy about mine and ash's chevron's. it was like "the thing". and then mr. kaye told everyone to meet by this one door when we were done. well, 20 minutes later, there is still no one. so, we're concerened. then we see mr. kaye frantically running through the store. and i was like "hey! everyone's in the van!" turns out everyone messed up and met at the other door. lol! so the kids were mad at us. lol. when we got our grocery's out of the back of the truck when we got back nick, brian, and gregg were throwing our healthy food at us and threatening to make me crawl in the truck bed to retrieve their double oreos because we knocked then to the back of the bed. oh well...it pays to be healthy. so we get back and i go to the boy's room and open up my michigan drum which is FILLED with sugar and candy and i said "we're not all healthy" which they said was good. then me and ash and elaine wanted to steal the boy's food, so i did a james bond thing where i crawled and slid on my stomach into their room [their door was open and nick, mr. kaye, and mrs. kaye were t.v. mrs. kaye was the only one who saw me come in but she jus smiled b/c she thought it was funny] and took their okey-dokey cheese popcorn, a bag of mounds and 2 boxes of gushers. it was SO funny! we had to give them back later b/c they were upset. especially about their gusher's, but they didn't even notice their cheese popcorn was gone. and it wasn't even hidden very well, jus under a pillow in the closet. emily locked herself in the bathroom to practice her violin. lol! almost everyone except me, ash and elaine went to Flap Jacks for dinner. the threee of us stayed back and had soup and salade. and then we went to mass gathering [2 hours long!...every time! twice a day!] ruth couldn't handle it. and then after, we went to "Chatrooms" [community shuffle]and i was suppose to be in chatroom 19 but i decided to switch to chatroom10 so i could be with all the girls [except ruth]. chatroom were okay. we split into two groups b/c we didn't have any leaders. jus luke and diana. <3 i love them. they were SO nice. then, after chatrooms we had free time [in which i did nothing] until we met in mr. kaye's room at 11:15 for our nightly meetting. then we went to bed.

Tuesday[x]->woke up early. went to 2 hour mass gathering. then i went to chat rooms.my chatroom was awesome! jim[my], chris, jay, jennifer, rachel, diana, luke, jamie, jim, emily, and a few others <3 then we ordered pizza for lunch from Pizza Hut. then me, elaine, and ash went to 2 workshops: "Discovering Islam" and "Basic Relationships". both were interesting. basic relationships was funny though because the girl's made out a list of what qualities they look for in a guy and the guys made one out about the girl's...well, the girl's for the guy's list had like 60 items on it. and the guy's for the girl's had 5. lol. the guys were complaining that they can't be all those qualities at once. then, me, ash and elaine went to a self defense class to learn a bunch of sweet-o stuff, like how to kick out kneecaps [ash loved that one ;-)] then we left that one early. which was funny, because when we got up to leave, almost all the class followed, cuz the trainer guy was beating up the little kid as a demo and he wanted to all this stuff. then we went to the big pig contest. Josh won! it was pretty sweet. he actually tied with this heavy-weight champ but after they announced josh the winner..it took them several seconds, in which the guy finished his pie, to get to where he was eating. ruth got dragged into the pie eating contest and ate like 1 bite. lol. nick was in it to...i thought he was going to do better. me and elaine couldn't even recognize him because he had this bandana on. nick wasnted me and elaine to do the pie eating contest. i was afraid that it was going to be fruit filled pie [which it was] and elaine was gunna bring sliverware to eat it. lol. but we had our self-defense class, which was our excuse. then most of our church went to Charlie Kang's all-you-can-eat chinese buffet. it was sad, they had a child-labor*d boy working there. it was good though. we came back, then went went to a 2 hour mass gathering and then chatrooms. i went to the summerville [the pool boys] concert after the chatrooms. it was AWESOME! they did their cover song of "california" by phantom planet [The O.C. theme song] and it was song good...jus as good as the original...maybe even better? when i told elaine [HUGE O.C. fan] since she didn't go to the concert, she freaked out! lol. she heard it later at mass gathering though and fell in love with it. then we had our nightly church group meeting and went to sleep.

Wednesday[x]->by far the best day! 2 hour mass gathering. chatrooms. me, elaine, and emma went to flapjacks for lunch. everyone else went to the hotel restaurant. then me, elaine, and ash went to 2 workshops : "THE ROAD SHOW: HOMOSEXUALITY" and "SHOWING FAITH THROUGH LOVE" [with elizabeth]. they were both pretty interesting. then...the whole church went to Applebee*s for dinner. and apparently we stole Luke*s reservation. lol. Applebee*s was awesome though. good food. nick, greg, and brian were sporting pink hats and dloves and scarves. jake was playing with steak knives and cut his fingers a couple of times. nick tortured ashley with stories about kneecaps and bending backwards and football injuries. then we came back, went to a 2 hour mass gathering and then chatrooms. [everyone's high was applebee's...except luke's -lol!] and then later that night there was the mardi gras party which you were required to go to a 1/2 hour of. i was suppose to go to yoga with elaine and ash part way through the party, but i was having such a good time i didn't wanna leave. there was food and cookies! emma was being a pimp, sporting my soccer beads from new orleans. and then...there was this magician...and so me, nick, hannah [hannah*s looked like fish eggs], josh, and mark got balloon hats and they were SUPER tall! and people were staring at us...lol. and then we went to the stairs to go up to our hotel rooms and the hotel manager tells us to take off our hats b/c they might set off a smoke detector in the hallways. so we take our hats off and we go upstairs. so we're in the hallway and my hat pops, so nick took it apart and made it into a sword. and then i wanted the mardi gras mask that i let nick "borrow" back, but he refused, saying i said he could have it. and cob wasn't helping by taking nick's side. so i kept hitting nick with my sword and then i took his hat and ran into the emergency fire stairway and me and him were fighting on the stairs and i was pulling his hair. and then, this hotel manager opens the door to the stairwell and we we didn't wanna get yelled at so we told the guy we're okay and we left. then i got the mask up from around his neck, but he grabbed the strings to hold on the mask in his teeth at the last minut, so i pulled really hard of the mask and i warned him that i was going to rip his teeth out and he said he didn't care. and there were this random gathering attenders walking in the halls and i would tell them to tell nick to give me my mask back, and they would tell him, but he wouldn't listen, telling them that i "gave" it to him. i even asked the nice nick [who was my cuz*n nick's roomate. nick was cool. i miss him <3] finally i got the mask away and hid it. then, this random guy comes out of the emergency stairwell and walks up to us and is like "nice hat" as he takes the balloon hat off nick's head. nick meanwhile, is too distracted by me mrying to rip the mask from his teeth, that he doesn't notice the guy walk away with his hat. and so when i got the mask away, nick asks "where's my balloon hat?" and no one knew. finally we figured out that that random guy took it and we were so confused that this man jus walked up, told nick's hat and walked away with it, without us knowing it. nick was mad. and we never saw that man again. about 10 minutes later, the fire alarm starts going off. so everyone is still at the party, so we take the emergency stairs outside. and we get outside and people are freezing. it's not that bad though. the HILARIOUS part though, was that ruth forgot/didn't go back in her room to put her shoes on, so she was outside in the snow barefoot and complaining. *LOL! it turns out the alarm went off because of a helium balloon....it wasn't on eof out hats at least...then we had our church nightly group meeting and greg, brian, and jake walk in and they're in their clothes sopping wet. turns out, they jumped in the pool with their clothes on and the fire alarm went off. lol...also jake is inducted as a weeny, because when the fire alarm went off, jake got out of the pool, put his clothes on and jumped back in the pool. lol. then, we had the epigandra of the "towel flip that girls do when their hair's wet". nick, greg, and brian all sported that look.....PRICELESS.

Thursday[x]->chatrooms [it was so sad leaving my chatroom. i miss them <3]. 2 hour mass gathering. then everyone said their good-byes. it was sad. then, we all loaded up in the van and took off. we stopped at TACO HUT/PIZZA BELL and screamed out prayers and song with other groups there. and josh ate 10+ tacos/burritos and a refillable BIG GULP a and then "the machus children" got in mr. kaye's truck, and the truck and van went to Circut City at 12 Oaks Mall and dropped us off and my. aunt Irene was there and so was my dad's cousin from Eygpt [whom my aunt thought it was a surprise that they were coming, but everyone knew]. and then we went to my aunt irene's and uncle bill's for a machus christmas party and everyone was there! it was really nice. there was awesome food and this kewl lightning game that zaps/electricutes you. and then we played a gift exchanging game. it was sweet, nick gave me the bow on his package, because i wanted it so bad. and then i opened my present. i got 2 tubes of LAYS chips and 2 12 packs of Jones soda [blue bubblegum and creme soda]. after awhile, everyone started to leave. it was AWESOME though!

IT WAS AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE I KNEW AND REMEMBERED. shelby..other random kids. the red haired boy and the sailor boy from camp this past year. camp consulers. I EVEN SAW MY EMMA HEPPLER! <3

Friday[x]->slept in. going bowling and to new years eve party with family and friends somewhere. [i am confused as to where]. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE EVERYONE!

The good food..the good friends..the good memories..the good times::GATHERING '04 [i miss you and luvV you all!]


RoSe BoWl ToMaRrOw! [michigan is going to kick some texas butt!]

god's peace [[be with you]]:,
[x] stephanie [x]


December 24th-25th::Christmas Eve-Christmas [26 Dec 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

christmas eve -> was fun. i wrapped gifts and exchanged gifts with the hoovers. i got a best buy gift card and some cute michigan pajama pants. then i went to chrismtas church service at 5:30. after that for the frist time since i've been alive, i went home to spend chrismas eve evening at home [usually we spend it at my uncle's or grandpa's]

christmas -> woke up at 8. opened presents with my mom and sisters. i got lots of sweet stuff. my lil sister made me a pillow. my older sister got me a candycane candle and *The Killers* cd [i am so excited that she got me that. i <3 them.]. from my mom and santa i got a michigan football sweatshirt, michigan earrings, michigan stationary, a michigan cheerleader/piggy bank, a michigan M Go Blue for Mott bracellet, a bijillion cds and DVD's, underware, socks, lots of candy, makeup, some shirts, picture frames for cetificates.
-after that, we went over to my grandma's to eat breakfast and exchange gifts with them and my uncle brad. i got a giftcard to any mall from my uncle and my grandma and grandpa
got my lots of makeup [which i really didn't need that all..but my grandma misunderstood so she bought me a lot, even though i don't wear that much makeup], a pair of jeans, a pig piggy bank with $20 worth of quarters in it. lol, *sleepover* DVD to toture my sister with, a necklace, ornament [it's an annual/yearly thing], and a few other things.
-then we went to my uncle rick and aunt janine's and we had christmas dinner there with my aunt janine's parents and brother and then me and my sister's went swimming in there jacuzzi and pool. then we exchanged gifts. i got some money from them. then we went home.

.:*MeRrY ChRiStMaS~!*:.

today, i'll jus chill'n and packing. i leave tomarrow for Lansing til thursday for *The Gathering* i'm excited! talk to you when i get back...which probable won't be til friday or late thursday, b/c the van driving everyone to lansing is dropping me, ash, brian, elaine, and nick off at my aunt's house on the way back for a christmas party. i <3 those parties!

luvV you!,
[x] Stephanie [x]

2 <3

*Help the PaPeR AnGeLs everywhere* [23 Dec 2004|05:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

LeT iT sNoW! LeT iT sNoW! LeT iT sNoW! [but go away tomarrow]

today i went to go see *shark Tale* at the ford -tel with sarah and kendal. it was fun.

i*m going sledding later tonight. gimme a call if you wanna come. [that means elissa and nadine...we've been planning this thing for weeks! lol]

"Mosie Wilson or Moehair Wilson" mosie was our nickname for mosie

"Quarterback Crunch Donald or Quarterback Crunch Llyod" depends on which grandfather

"Michigan Rio Bravo"

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice or Herb + Foreign Vacation Spot):
"Cinnamon Bahamas"

SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town where you grew up):
"Steferly Dearborn"

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS (a la J. Lo): (First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name):
"S. Jo"

ICON ALIAS: (Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen):
"Candycane Milk"

DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Went/Go to High School):
"Piglet Dearborn"

BARFLY ALIAS: (Last Snack Food You Ate + Alcoholic Drink):
"Cookie Martini"

SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived):
"Ann Wilson"

ROCK STAR ALIAS: (Favorite Candy + Last Name Of Favorite Singer):
"Starburst Hilton" i don't really have a favorite singer

YOUR JEDI NAME: (First 2-3 letters of your first name + First 2-3 letters of your last name + First 2-3 letters of your mother's maiden name + First 2-3 letters of your birthplace):


LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: hey stephanie!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: its morgan.

handsinthapocket: hey!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i got your letter..thankyouthankyouthankyou
handsinthapocket: what's up?
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i sent you something too.
handsinthapocket: no problem
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: nothing too much.
handsinthapocket: HAPPY BELATED B-DAY
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: your SO gorgeous!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: thanks<3
handsinthapocket: aw, thanks!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i have pics. if you want?
handsinthapocket: sure
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23 wants to directly connect.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23 is now directly connected.
handsinthapocket: how was your b-day?fun?
handsinthapocket: aw...morgan
handsinthapocket: you're so beautiful
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: no you are!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: your gorgeous steph.
handsinthapocket: no u are
handsinthapocket: i absolutely love your hair
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: thanks<3!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i dyed it dark awhile ago.
handsinthapocket: it's a lot darker than it use to be
handsinthapocket: yeah
handsinthapocket: i haven't talked to you in like...so long
handsinthapocket: aw..morgan
handsinthapocket: how's cheerleading?
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: its wonderful :-)
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: im in rounds 1, 2, 3.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: im sorry things arent going so well for your cheer!
handsinthapocket: yeah...well it's ok. i just don't have many friends on cheerleading b/c a lot of the girls are sophmores, and i didn't cheer football season, so all the girls on the squad are already friends
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: yeah, i understand.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i only tryed out for freshmen.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i wanted to stay with everyone and my coach from football.
handsinthapocket: yeah...i would do that too...but we don't have a freshman basketball cheer squad [which i don't understand why]
handsinthapocket: so i got thrown in JV
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: thats retardedf.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i wish we versed you in competition!
handsinthapocket: that would be pretty sweet
handsinthapocket: what competions are you guys doing?
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: we have to hang out!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: our first one is novi.
handsinthapocket: oh...
handsinthapocket: yeah..for sure
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: how tall are you?>
handsinthapocket: urm..5-7
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: im 5'6 and a half.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: your not going to be sooo much taller than me now :-)
handsinthapocket: i'm the shortest in my family [can you believe it?] my little sister who's in 7th grade is already 5-9!
handsinthapocket: lol
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: omg!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: lol.
handsinthapocket: oh man morgan! yoiu're getting pretty darn tall1
handsinthapocket: lol
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: yeah i am. :-).
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: growing now too.
handsinthapocket: yeah
handsinthapocket: i'm stuck at 5-7
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: i used to be short
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: one of my friends is stuck at 4;9!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: 4'9.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: ahh
handsinthapocket: aww...
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: lol i know.

LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: but hey i gtg.
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: ill talk to you later!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: <3 love you steph!
LiLcRaZyBiABiA23: :-*
handsinthapocket: ttyl lylas <3 adios

luvV you,

4 <3

You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always unlocked. [22 Dec 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | stuffed ]

today i woke up, took a shower, got dressed and then went to babysit.

$34 bucks for babysitting. i like the pay...lol. so yeah, i kind of lost the girl and i got really panicked, so i checked all the windows upstairs to make sure she didn't escape. and i still couldn't find her, so i was shouting her name. finally i told her brother, "if you find your sister, i'll make you a waffle." so the boy goes and he can't find her...so he sits down at his computer desk and puts his headphones on. i was freaking out. what am i suppose to say, "sorry mrs. clyne, i lost you kid."? so i told the boy to go look again, "don't you want a waffle?" <-lol and then finally he finds her in the parents bathroom fixing her hair. lol.

then i came home and went to rose's to pick up my varsity jacket, and everything got screwed up, so we waited and waited until we were 30 minutes late for our dinner reservations at olive garden so she gave me my jacket and we left...i think i need to go back again to get stuff fixed. oh yeah...and then the lady made us pick up hot dog buns and bread for her. lol.



COUNTDOWN::*4 days til x-mas*6 days thil The Gathering [21 Dec 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | whatever ]

this is the first time in months that i've updated two days in a row. wow i'm excited.

i babysat for the Clyne's again. $30 more bucks. whoo! i let kenny have the hoover boys over and they all were hungry so i ended up making pancakes, girlled cheese, and sugar christmas sugar cookies [with frosting] from scratch. the kitchen was a disaster. but it was funny because pattie says backpack as "packpack" lol.

i have to babysit for them again tomarrow. and i am going out to dinner with the extended fam for my mom's b-day. olive garden i think.

i jus found out today that nikki broke up with her fiancee. i was so sad.

well...that's about it.

nora is the sweetest thing. i was like "nora i absolutely love your voice. i was so jealous of you when you first came here because you got all those solos and you had the most amazing voice." and she was like "what a coincidence! i was so jealous of your beauty when i first came here. i was like man she's so beautiful."
^aw...me and nora were secretly jealous of each other.

exes and ohs,


new icon^ [20 Dec 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | i dunno ]

12th::sunday school

13th::Tessa's Birthday! school. practice. 1st STALKER INCIDENT!

14th::school.running club.game @edsel ford. JV won. varsity lost. i got in trouble. this game pretty much sucked. people mad fun of brian and i felt bad. and people also chanted about hadous. people were just being mean. the cool part though, was nataly brought cupcakes for her b-day. and mr. baughman bought us free concessions. oh yeah! and the bus ride home was scary! we're all crammed in our 5 to a seat bus seats and all of a sudden we hear cussing and pounding coming from the back of the bus. we turn around and two of the varsity basketball players are beating the crap out of each other and shoving each other against the bus and windows and so the bus driver lady stops the bus in the middle of the road and starts tellling the boys to cut it out on her walky talky. like they are actually gonna listen. since the're cheerleaders sitting in the asile way, the b-ball coach like tramped us and broke up the fight. and the two guys fighting were talking about shooting each other and the one guy rips open his shirt and points to his heart. then, lmao, shrek tells all the cheerleaders to turn around. it was hilarious!

15th::school.cheer pics.cheer meeting.buddy's @ 5 with the cheer team. it was actually fun...we did our secret santa gift exchange. i got a lot of cute stuff. I had Jill Boese and Stephanie Fawaz had me. after buddy's i went to the MCC2 christmas party. it was fun. i was suprised some people admitted the things they did. i mean, one person said their grandma gave them a lap dance...and also, my bubble became famous.

16th::school. madline got me rainbow underpants coinpurse. lol. and "touch me! i'm super soft" socks. sticker..lol. and katie got me M Den Michigan stuff..for i love michigan. lol. running club. ab workout...good times! game @ truman. both JV and varsity lost. i had to sit out a quarter this game for getting in trouble at the EF one. i was excited tho. it took a century for the varsity b-ball players to exited the locker room, so we were there til late and i was upset.oh yeah! and it was "my birthday"! katie told everyone in my french class that and they believed her, so jared felt bad he didn;t get me anything, so he gave me one of his daily 3 in the pocket clementines that he eats in LA. and i gave it to katie, so he freaked out and then i told him it really wasn't my birthday and he was mad i lied, then gave the clementine to katie. man, he really needs to learn how to spell my name. lmao! and then one friday nida gives me a b-day card, it was funny!

17th::school.no practice. i was suppose to stay after however to learn how to use the darkroom. but i didn't. the day was fun tho. i got a giftcard for blockbuster from Mr. Darwish for StuCo Secret Santa. and michelle and sarah made this cute cd's. 2nd STALKER INCIDENT! dead serious! nadine was there this time and to not make it obvious she was turning aroud, she ran to the other side of the hallway. lmao!

18th::My MoMmY's b-day. first day of 2 week x-mas BREAK! went out to dinner at big boy's. gave her her gifts. did cleaning/chores, as a "present for her" i helped out at the christmas pagent rehursal for like 3 hours. i helped nora make costumes...acording to the program i was assistant animal costumer.oh man...nora was so stoned and hung over. i can't believe who was there with her. she was so wasted and dirty. and she couldn't stop swearing. oh yeah! me and nora got thrown into the elementary christmas pagent as one of the 10 little angels in the "10 little angels dance". i was angel #9. i laugh all through the dance rehursal and couldn't stop. me, julie, and nora were the tallest angels by a good 2 feet, because all the other angels were 6 and 7 years old. lmao! it was SO funny. we really stood out. and then cob without our consult, b/c we were gunna make him be one of the 10 little angels [<- that would have been hilarious! the next "gabriel"], made a dalmation mask that took up a whole piece of foam that was ment for 5 masks. me and nora were freaking out because the dog looked like crap. and cob says "well, i asked pr. elise and the little boy and they said they like it." me: "cob, pr. elise was lying and saying that to be nice...and the little boy will take whatever you give him. he's 3!". at the pagent tho, it was funny..the little animals were ripping apart their costumes..an eye here, a spot there, an ear over there. lol!

19th::Gathering meeting. Sunday School. Christmas pagent...me and nora were the "fallen angels" the only angel costumes left were obviously only little kids, so the white angel gowns fit like tight long shirts/super short dress. lmao! it was hilarious and we were wingless because they didn't have any wings for us. oh man..we screwed up the dance big time! i was singing the song while i was dancing, which i wasn't suppose to do.lol. but people loved it. lmao. and then there was mike with his broke foot and sprained ankle on crutches, "i'm in college and yet i still get roped into this thing every year." <-lol! he had to read his lines off a paper while he was up there. after, i went to the pagent reception. then i left that early and went to babysit at the Clyne's. the kids were ok this time. i made $25 which is kewl.oh yeah! it's JuLiE's BiRtHdAy!

20th::[TODAY]MORGAN's BIRTHDAY! whOo! anyways..woke up...got my hair cut. i actually like it. it's curled on bottom. i might have to try this again sometime. then, i went christmas shopping. i think i'm finally done with all my shopping! oh yeah...and my v-jacket came in, but i don't have the patches for it yet. and they messed up my chevron.


BLUEndWHITE6120: i found my random fact...
BLUEndWHITE6120: ihave a bubble on my knee
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: y do u need random facts
ViciousKitty88: ?
BLUEndWHITE6120: for this game for math club tonight
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's our "christmas party"
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: did u ever see the welt on my side?
ViciousKitty88: no?when u get that?!?
BLUEndWHITE6120: from none other than cheerleading...and it's HUGE
BLUEndWHITE6120: ask anyone
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's like famous
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's in it's healing process now tho
ViciousKitty88: lmao
ViciousKitty88: the famous welt
BLUEndWHITE6120: yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: but it will never replace "the bubble"
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: true
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah


I Love You 6348: hazzar!!!! lol stephanie, i must say... i love you. merry christmas. and a wonderfully happy new year
SocCerbAbebCRO13: hazzar?
I Love You 6348: lol its a new word
I Love You 6348: its like...ha! or something...i dunno i didnt make up a definition yet
SocCerbAbebCRO13: i love you too...merry holidays and a happy christmas...see you next year
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
SocCerbAbebCRO13: oh.....nice
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
I Love You 6348: ah, intriguing...see u next year too
I Love You 6348: hazzar! i just noticed u mixed up the happy n the merry....how clever
SocCerbAbebCRO13: yup yup....always using my noggin
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
I Love You 6348: lol
I Love You 6348: of course, u are very inteligent! (btw im talking formally from now on cuz its quite funny)
SocCerbAbebCRO13: ok
SocCerbAbebCRO13: do have anything exciting happen to u recently?
I Love You 6348: um...yesterday me, madeline, n jessie found a hubcap n i was gonna put a rope or somethin around it n wear it to school n say to ppl "look at my bling bling"
I Love You 6348: lol n thats about it
SocCerbAbebCRO13: ahh....lol
SocCerbAbebCRO13: exciting!
I Love You 6348: yes yes it was
I Love You 6348: but when i got in the car this morning my dad flipped out cuz i had it n he made me take it off
SocCerbAbebCRO13: oh.lol
I Love You 6348: yes yes
I Love You 6348: i must be off dearly
I Love You 6348: deary*
SocCerbAbebCRO13: alrighty. cheery-o
I Love You 6348: ta ta deary
SocCerbAbebCRO13: hasta lavista
I Love You 6348: hasta luego
I Love You 6348 signed off at 11:10:13 PM.




.::*First comes heavy breathing... [11 Dec 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]

26-> spent the night at kendal*s with sarah. first, we went to see *national treasure*. it was good. the night was so much fun. we watched movie after movie and lots of t.v. and we talked to bryan online and he was being pervert. naked barbie doll pics...lol.

27-> woke up...me and sarah stayed at kendal*s in our jammies until four when my mommy came and drove to old navy. ...random. and it was sick! sarah could fit into size 12 children's pants and they were even baggy. lol! early though it was fun. we watched the tv screen for like 6 hours straight and then kendal's dad came over and wanted us to help him put up christmas lights, but we were too lazy. lol. and then we wanted to go to greenfield village but they were closing and we didn't wanna see anymore movies and no one had any money. so we finally decided on old navy. oh yeah! and it was hilarious, kendal was drying her hair and i walked up and stood in the doorway and kendal didn't notice me and turned away to pick up her hair brush and when she turned back, she screamed. it was so funny! she thought i was out of "texas chainsaw massacre".

28-> taught sunday school. drove again...this time with my sister in the car too. scary!

29-> school. practice

30-> school.practice.dance

1-> school.practice

2-> school.practice.no dance b/c i went to the girl's fall sports banquet. ash and marissa got swim team captins for next year! *the banquet was AWESOME! first of all...it was so nice to see all the x-c team together again. and we got super-sweet goodies and gifts and placemats and autgraph books. and skittles...lol nadine! but sadly adg didn't get me and nadine the laptop, cellphone, and car we asked for. "maybe adrienne can only drive one car here at a time, so she went home to get the others." -lol nadine! then mr. brown talked about us getting "full moon*d" that was gross, and a day i'll never forget. <33 then, the teams broke up and the x-c team went to the choir room and mr. brown did a slide show...which was great. then he called everyone up one by one usiong thier nickname. I was surprised he used "Jordache" instead of "Hobble". oh well. it was cool tho. he talked about my injury and how i got first for JV that one race and how i ran a 24:03 for my beast time and how i was swor's buddy [i love my buddy! i'm going to miss you!!!] and how i held her nose stud during races and would run around holding it, check to make sure it's still there. lol. and then...I GOT MY VARSTIY LETTER! i was so excited! it was a surprise. and i got a lot of support from my buddy and others. and then i also won "Favorite Freshman" which was pretty sweet. oh yeah! and mr. brown talked about how me and elissa dressed alike on fridays. elissa's my frisbee friday twin. -so much fun! and then the senior's gave their speeches and both adg and swor could barely get through their speeches cuz they were crying so hard. i was crying too. it was truly sad to hear the words they were saying. the speeches were very heartfelt. "when people ask me why i run, i simply reply with...i run because of the wonderful girl's who are my teamates, who motivate me in every way possible. the reason i run, is because of you guys." i lost it right about there. after mr. brown was presented with 3 large bags of hot fries...lol, we took so pics and said our goodbys and signed autograph books. i am gunna miss this cross country season so much! i love the girls on the team. adg, swor, DC, E-Ho, salty, alison, yuka, sophia, chelsae, katie, anne, kristi, ameenah, audrey...this season's been SWEET. i <3 you guys so much and i'm going to miss you all! >-CC-> 2004 ROCKS!

3-> school. practice. went to the crazy lady's for v-jacket.

4-> went with shannon to her mom's work bowling party. i got a turkey bowling! [2 strikes in the 10th frame] whoo! then kendal came like 20 minutes early and picked me up for dina and lauren's b-day party. apparently kendal estmated in a 1/2 hour for getting lost. lol! so we show up at the party house 30 minutes before the party starts and there aren't any lights on, so we drive around and kendal is talking about how badly she wants to jump and do like 40 billion guys and rick ullman and her mom was like "you would not get naked with those men!" and kendal says "oh yes i would!" and her mom was like "girl's whom don't throw themselves at them are the one's they'll remember. and girl's like you are a dime worth a dozen." and kendal was like "well, i can be hard to get. i can let them chase me around a bit first." LOL! then about 15 minutes early we went to the party [and they were still setting up]. it was a fun party. Mr. Spanks was sarah's pride and joy. and we did a bunch of other fun things like play sardine's and play with balloons. afterwards, me, sarah, and kendal went to sarah's house and hung out. we went online and watched tv. and got yelled at by her brother. [whom kendal is madly in love with.] at about 1 a.m. my mommy came and got me and kendal and drove kendal home.

5-> taught S.S. went x-mas shopping.

6-> school.practice.

7-> school. running club! i was so excited! it was me and nadine and our 3 men were there. elissa missed out though on her 1/3. stupid drivers-ed. it was SO much fun! me and nadine had fun showing off and saving the earthworms on the track. i saw you staring. lol. then i had my first cheer b-ball game @ home vs. churchill.. it was so scary. it was fun tho. and we won. oh yeah! and then i went to dance class afterwards. and kicked my sister in the head with a tap shoe. whoops!

8-> school. practice.

9-> school. practice. dance. fun times. i went to tri-daily too...which i haven't done yet this year. i miss those trips.

10-> school. b-ball/cheer game @ home. vs. wayne. wow. it was amazing! both JV and big-V won by one point. it was exciting! the sad part tho was mr. baughman was apparently found unconcious at a gas-station in lansing. so mrs. baughman and ashley were in tears. and i felt so bad. they had to leave the game. the cheerleaders were like screaming at the game. lol. and then varsity game was exciting. man...there was 7.23 seconds left on the clock and wayne was ahead by 1 point. and then one ref called a foul and then the other 2 refs disagreed. and so they consulted and called a foul against dearborn and so wayne was excited because that ment they won the game. and then the refs consulted one more time and decided it wasn't a foul and dearborn had possession of the ball. wayne starts freaking out. so dearborn shoots. 2 points. we're ahead by one. and then with 1 second left on the clock wayne shoots it from half court. and it was almost like time froze. the ball circled around the hoopseveral times, then tilted towards going in. people were standing up in their seats in amazement. then, the ball fell off the rim and didn't go in. dearborn fans went crazy and charged the court. it was pretty sweet. then i went home and watched degrassi. it was SO intense! jimmy got shot and rick killed himself. wow...me and kendal were wrong. we thought sean was gunna get shot.

11-> i called kendal to talk about the degrassi ep. INTENSE. then i went christmas caroling at six. and ate refresments afterwards. it was a lot of fun. cob and nora didn't go. so it was pretty much me and jake. so we talked about cross country and my 1/3. and he told me to go for him.

"he would never do anything stupid with you."

"yeah he would check you out."
^this one's for elissa and nadine.

"i think you should ask him out. he's a nice guy. and he doesn't have a lot of friends. i think he'd like to go out with you."

"he's really cool."
^lol...i get the point.

IM convos:

ViciousKitty88: hi
dUmbbLondie57928: hey whats up
ViciousKitty88: nm u
dUmbbLondie57928: same
ViciousKitty88: how was ur thanksgiving
dUmbbLondie57928: yummy/good...urs?
ViciousKitty88: lol good
dUmbbLondie57928: sweet lol
ViciousKitty88: do anything fun over the weekend?
dUmbbLondie57928: haha...kendal was like "madeline likes someone" and i was like "whoa! who?" and she says "i dunno, but she calls him mr. wonderful"
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao! it was SO funny
ViciousKitty88: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: she thinks mr. wonderful is your crush
ViciousKitty88: im gunna put that in my pro.
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: ok...lol
ViciousKitty88: there
ViciousKitty88: u kno hes still in his box
ViciousKitty88: i think i should bring him to school
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: haha
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: mr. wonderful...the midget
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
ViciousKitty88: i should give him to kendal
dUmbbLondie57928: no! that's yours! lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: me + him r over
ViciousKitty88: things between me and mrwonderful are not that wonderful anymore
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: go to consuling
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
ViciousKitty88: i think we might
ViciousKitty88: he just keeps yellin all the time now
ViciousKitty88: no more of that sweet guy i thought he was
ViciousKitty88: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: doesn't he jus say sweet phrases tho...i save ur relationship madeline!
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: sweet phrases hes abusive now!
dUmbbLondie57928: that butcher's knife didn't come in the box!
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: woa tha was delayed
ViciousKitty88: im hungry
dUmbbLondie57928: oh lol
dUmbbLondie57928: me too...i want christmas cookies!
ViciousKitty88: yummy
ViciousKitty88: i made cookies yesterday
ViciousKitty88: they were really good
ViciousKitty88: peanut butter chocolate chip
ViciousKitty88: yummm
dUmbbLondie57928: yummy-ness
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: how come ur not doing volleyball?
ViciousKitty88: i didnt want to
ViciousKitty88: i changed my minde
dUmbbLondie57928: oh...u would have made it...for sure
ViciousKitty88: i dunno
dUmbbLondie57928: yeah...u were good
dUmbbLondie57928: i heard
ViciousKitty88: eh i was ok
dUmbbLondie57928: w/e
ViciousKitty88: what?
dUmbbLondie57928: i g2g...ttyl lylas bye


hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: lol:-)
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i miss big cobster to
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: cob-a-licous
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: [[no i didnt just say that...]]
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: cob-or-ino
BLUEndWHITE6120: cob-or-ella
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg!

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: whoaa..we need to stop making up "pet names" for him...
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: con-inator.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: *cob-inator
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao...no matter what...cob will always be good ol' "cob"
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah def.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: i think cob is afraid to talk to you because he just found out your mom had cancer
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: why would he be afraid??
BLUEndWHITE6120: b/c he asked a week or two ago what that pink ribbon symbol in ur pro was and i told him and he was like"well why does she have that?" and i told him ur mom had breast cancer
BLUEndWHITE6120: & he didn't know what to say
BLUEndWHITE6120: he doesn't know what to say to you...that's why he doesn't hardly talk to you anymore
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: aww..what a litlle freak!
BLUEndWHITE6120: he said "what do i say? i'm sorry?" and i told him to say whatever he wanted to say. i told him that he didn't even have to talk to you about your mom even. you two could talk about something else, like...laguna beach!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: he prolly thinks stephans hott ttoo
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i no his type.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...cob + stephen...that rings a bell
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah it does'
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: actually cob and trey wouild be a cute couple.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...lol, they both still have their babyfat
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: haha!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i dont think cobs is baby fat..
BLUEndWHITE6120: ur right
BLUEndWHITE6120: i g2g...ttyl lylas :c ya: adios!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: ok bye xox ttyl


hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg, was degrassi on?

Auto response from handsinthapocket: me and kendal were wrong:'(

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 10:55:43 PM.
handsinthapocket: oh my gosh yes.

Auto response from hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3:
kind of a shitty weekend so far..but w.e
getting ice cream.

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 returned at 10:57:36 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: what happend
handsinthapocket: do u really wanna know?
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah
handsinthapocket: spinner tells rick that jimmy was responsible for the whole feather and paint fiasco in the previous episode[which he wasn't. spinner was.] and so jimmy gets shot[& is in critical condition] and rick "shoots" himself and dies
handsinthapocket: it was INTENSE
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg
handsinthapocket: i kno!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: spinner is a ass
handsinthapocket: i was like holy crap
handsinthapocket: i kno.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i thought u were gonna say craig dies lol
handsinthapocket: but in the end...spinner really feels bad..and he shows up at the hospital and is crying and beating himself up sbout it. and spinner was like "i killed my best friend."
handsinthapocket: it was sad
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: aww
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: so is jimmy head
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: *dead
handsinthapocket: lol [< about the craig thing]
handsinthapocket: nope...jus critical condition
handsinthapocket: so hazel went int ohistarics
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: oh
handsinthapocket: histarics*
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: geez..i cant handle this show
handsinthapocket: yeah
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 11:13:23 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 returned at 11:16:41 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 11:19:00 PM.



Boys, just do it----Tell her you think shes cool. Tell her why you think shes so cool. Smell her hair. Talk to her in movie theatres. Pick her up and pretend youre going to throw her in the river; shell scream and fight you but secretly, shell love it. Hold her hand and skip. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand. Pick flowers from other peoples gardens and give them to her. Tell her she looks pretty. Let her pay for stuff if she wants to. Introduce her to your friends as The coolest girl I know. Sit in the park and talk to her. Take her to the library, and playgrounds, and train stations. Tell her dirty jokes. Tell her stupid jokes. Write poems about her. Just walk around with her. Throw pebbles at her window at night. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Take her to shows of bands shes never heard of. Hold her hand in the mosh pit. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Call her. Call her back if she calls you. Sing to her, no matter how bad you are. Carve your names into a tree. Get her mad, then kiss her. Give her piggy-back rides. Go see her band play even if they really suck, and tell her they were great. Give her space if she needs it. Push her on swings. Stay up with her all night when shes sick. Make up pet names for her, but cool ones, not sappy ones. Teach her guitar. Lend her your cds. Write on her. Make her mixtapes. Write her letters. If she asks you to go to a show with her, go, even if it means a 5 hour train trip. Take her to cool shops, and let her take you to even cooler ones. Listen to all the bands she mentions. Dont tell her that her favorite bands suck. When shes sad, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, even if shes not saying anything. Buy her ice cream. Let her take all the photos of you she wants. Look into her eyes. Slow dance with her, even if the music is fast. Kiss her in the rain. When you fall in love with her, tell her.

[x] stephanie [x]


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