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.::*First comes heavy breathing...

26-> spent the night at kendal*s with sarah. first, we went to see *national treasure*. it was good. the night was so much fun. we watched movie after movie and lots of t.v. and we talked to bryan online and he was being pervert. naked barbie doll

27-> woke and sarah stayed at kendal*s in our jammies until four when my mommy came and drove to old navy. ...random. and it was sick! sarah could fit into size 12 children's pants and they were even baggy. lol! early though it was fun. we watched the tv screen for like 6 hours straight and then kendal's dad came over and wanted us to help him put up christmas lights, but we were too lazy. lol. and then we wanted to go to greenfield village but they were closing and we didn't wanna see anymore movies and no one had any money. so we finally decided on old navy. oh yeah! and it was hilarious, kendal was drying her hair and i walked up and stood in the doorway and kendal didn't notice me and turned away to pick up her hair brush and when she turned back, she screamed. it was so funny! she thought i was out of "texas chainsaw massacre".

28-> taught sunday school. drove again...this time with my sister in the car too. scary!

29-> school. practice


1-> school.practice

2-> dance b/c i went to the girl's fall sports banquet. ash and marissa got swim team captins for next year! *the banquet was AWESOME! first of was so nice to see all the x-c team together again. and we got super-sweet goodies and gifts and placemats and autgraph books. and nadine! but sadly adg didn't get me and nadine the laptop, cellphone, and car we asked for. "maybe adrienne can only drive one car here at a time, so she went home to get the others." -lol nadine! then mr. brown talked about us getting "full moon*d" that was gross, and a day i'll never forget. <33 then, the teams broke up and the x-c team went to the choir room and mr. brown did a slide show...which was great. then he called everyone up one by one usiong thier nickname. I was surprised he used "Jordache" instead of "Hobble". oh well. it was cool tho. he talked about my injury and how i got first for JV that one race and how i ran a 24:03 for my beast time and how i was swor's buddy [i love my buddy! i'm going to miss you!!!] and how i held her nose stud during races and would run around holding it, check to make sure it's still there. lol. and then...I GOT MY VARSTIY LETTER! i was so excited! it was a surprise. and i got a lot of support from my buddy and others. and then i also won "Favorite Freshman" which was pretty sweet. oh yeah! and mr. brown talked about how me and elissa dressed alike on fridays. elissa's my frisbee friday twin. -so much fun! and then the senior's gave their speeches and both adg and swor could barely get through their speeches cuz they were crying so hard. i was crying too. it was truly sad to hear the words they were saying. the speeches were very heartfelt. "when people ask me why i run, i simply reply with...i run because of the wonderful girl's who are my teamates, who motivate me in every way possible. the reason i run, is because of you guys." i lost it right about there. after mr. brown was presented with 3 large bags of hot, we took so pics and said our goodbys and signed autograph books. i am gunna miss this cross country season so much! i love the girls on the team. adg, swor, DC, E-Ho, salty, alison, yuka, sophia, chelsae, katie, anne, kristi, ameenah, audrey...this season's been SWEET. i <3 you guys so much and i'm going to miss you all! >-CC-> 2004 ROCKS!

3-> school. practice. went to the crazy lady's for v-jacket.

4-> went with shannon to her mom's work bowling party. i got a turkey bowling! [2 strikes in the 10th frame] whoo! then kendal came like 20 minutes early and picked me up for dina and lauren's b-day party. apparently kendal estmated in a 1/2 hour for getting lost. lol! so we show up at the party house 30 minutes before the party starts and there aren't any lights on, so we drive around and kendal is talking about how badly she wants to jump and do like 40 billion guys and rick ullman and her mom was like "you would not get naked with those men!" and kendal says "oh yes i would!" and her mom was like "girl's whom don't throw themselves at them are the one's they'll remember. and girl's like you are a dime worth a dozen." and kendal was like "well, i can be hard to get. i can let them chase me around a bit first." LOL! then about 15 minutes early we went to the party [and they were still setting up]. it was a fun party. Mr. Spanks was sarah's pride and joy. and we did a bunch of other fun things like play sardine's and play with balloons. afterwards, me, sarah, and kendal went to sarah's house and hung out. we went online and watched tv. and got yelled at by her brother. [whom kendal is madly in love with.] at about 1 a.m. my mommy came and got me and kendal and drove kendal home.

5-> taught S.S. went x-mas shopping.

6-> school.practice.

7-> school. running club! i was so excited! it was me and nadine and our 3 men were there. elissa missed out though on her 1/3. stupid drivers-ed. it was SO much fun! me and nadine had fun showing off and saving the earthworms on the track. i saw you staring. lol. then i had my first cheer b-ball game @ home vs. churchill.. it was so scary. it was fun tho. and we won. oh yeah! and then i went to dance class afterwards. and kicked my sister in the head with a tap shoe. whoops!

8-> school. practice.

9-> school. practice. dance. fun times. i went to tri-daily too...which i haven't done yet this year. i miss those trips.

10-> school. b-ball/cheer game @ home. vs. wayne. wow. it was amazing! both JV and big-V won by one point. it was exciting! the sad part tho was mr. baughman was apparently found unconcious at a gas-station in lansing. so mrs. baughman and ashley were in tears. and i felt so bad. they had to leave the game. the cheerleaders were like screaming at the game. lol. and then varsity game was exciting. man...there was 7.23 seconds left on the clock and wayne was ahead by 1 point. and then one ref called a foul and then the other 2 refs disagreed. and so they consulted and called a foul against dearborn and so wayne was excited because that ment they won the game. and then the refs consulted one more time and decided it wasn't a foul and dearborn had possession of the ball. wayne starts freaking out. so dearborn shoots. 2 points. we're ahead by one. and then with 1 second left on the clock wayne shoots it from half court. and it was almost like time froze. the ball circled around the hoopseveral times, then tilted towards going in. people were standing up in their seats in amazement. then, the ball fell off the rim and didn't go in. dearborn fans went crazy and charged the court. it was pretty sweet. then i went home and watched degrassi. it was SO intense! jimmy got shot and rick killed himself. and kendal were wrong. we thought sean was gunna get shot.

11-> i called kendal to talk about the degrassi ep. INTENSE. then i went christmas caroling at six. and ate refresments afterwards. it was a lot of fun. cob and nora didn't go. so it was pretty much me and jake. so we talked about cross country and my 1/3. and he told me to go for him.

"he would never do anything stupid with you."

"yeah he would check you out."
^this one's for elissa and nadine.

"i think you should ask him out. he's a nice guy. and he doesn't have a lot of friends. i think he'd like to go out with you."

"he's really cool."
^lol...i get the point.

IM convos:

ViciousKitty88: hi
dUmbbLondie57928: hey whats up
ViciousKitty88: nm u
dUmbbLondie57928: same
ViciousKitty88: how was ur thanksgiving
dUmbbLondie57928: yummy/good...urs?
ViciousKitty88: lol good
dUmbbLondie57928: sweet lol
ViciousKitty88: do anything fun over the weekend?
dUmbbLondie57928: haha...kendal was like "madeline likes someone" and i was like "whoa! who?" and she says "i dunno, but she calls him mr. wonderful"
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao! it was SO funny
ViciousKitty88: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: she thinks mr. wonderful is your crush
ViciousKitty88: im gunna put that in my pro.
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: there
ViciousKitty88: u kno hes still in his box
ViciousKitty88: i think i should bring him to school
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: haha
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: mr. wonderful...the midget
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
ViciousKitty88: i should give him to kendal
dUmbbLondie57928: no! that's yours! lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: me + him r over
ViciousKitty88: things between me and mrwonderful are not that wonderful anymore
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: go to consuling
dUmbbLondie57928: lol
ViciousKitty88: i think we might
ViciousKitty88: he just keeps yellin all the time now
ViciousKitty88: no more of that sweet guy i thought he was
ViciousKitty88: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
dUmbbLondie57928: doesn't he jus say sweet phrases tho...i save ur relationship madeline!
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: sweet phrases hes abusive now!
dUmbbLondie57928: that butcher's knife didn't come in the box!
dUmbbLondie57928: lmao
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: woa tha was delayed
ViciousKitty88: im hungry
dUmbbLondie57928: oh lol
dUmbbLondie57928: me too...i want christmas cookies!
ViciousKitty88: yummy
ViciousKitty88: i made cookies yesterday
ViciousKitty88: they were really good
ViciousKitty88: peanut butter chocolate chip
ViciousKitty88: yummm
dUmbbLondie57928: yummy-ness
ViciousKitty88: lol
dUmbbLondie57928: how come ur not doing volleyball?
ViciousKitty88: i didnt want to
ViciousKitty88: i changed my minde
dUmbbLondie57928: oh...u would have made it...for sure
ViciousKitty88: i dunno
dUmbbLondie57928: yeah...u were good
dUmbbLondie57928: i heard
ViciousKitty88: eh i was ok
dUmbbLondie57928: w/e
ViciousKitty88: what?
dUmbbLondie57928: i g2g...ttyl lylas bye


hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: lol:-)
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i miss big cobster to
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: cob-a-licous
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: [[no i didnt just say that...]]
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: cob-or-ino
BLUEndWHITE6120: cob-or-ella
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg!

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: whoaa..we need to stop making up "pet names" for him...
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: con-inator.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: *cob-inator
BLUEndWHITE6120: matter what...cob will always be good ol' "cob"
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah def.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: i think cob is afraid to talk to you because he just found out your mom had cancer
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: why would he be afraid??
BLUEndWHITE6120: b/c he asked a week or two ago what that pink ribbon symbol in ur pro was and i told him and he was like"well why does she have that?" and i told him ur mom had breast cancer
BLUEndWHITE6120: & he didn't know what to say
BLUEndWHITE6120: he doesn't know what to say to you...that's why he doesn't hardly talk to you anymore
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: aww..what a litlle freak!
BLUEndWHITE6120: he said "what do i say? i'm sorry?" and i told him to say whatever he wanted to say. i told him that he didn't even have to talk to you about your mom even. you two could talk about something else, like...laguna beach!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: he prolly thinks stephans hott ttoo
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i no his type.
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...cob + stephen...that rings a bell
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah it does'
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: actually cob and trey wouild be a cute couple.
BLUEndWHITE6120:, they both still have their babyfat
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: haha!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i dont think cobs is baby fat..
BLUEndWHITE6120: ur right
BLUEndWHITE6120: i g2g...ttyl lylas :c ya: adios!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: ok bye xox ttyl


hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg, was degrassi on?

Auto response from handsinthapocket: me and kendal were wrong:'(

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 10:55:43 PM.
handsinthapocket: oh my gosh yes.

Auto response from hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3:
kind of a shitty weekend so far..but w.e
getting ice cream.

hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 returned at 10:57:36 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: what happend
handsinthapocket: do u really wanna know?
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: yah
handsinthapocket: spinner tells rick that jimmy was responsible for the whole feather and paint fiasco in the previous episode[which he wasn't. spinner was.] and so jimmy gets shot[& is in critical condition] and rick "shoots" himself and dies
handsinthapocket: it was INTENSE
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: omg
handsinthapocket: i kno!
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: spinner is a ass
handsinthapocket: i was like holy crap
handsinthapocket: i kno.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: i thought u were gonna say craig dies lol
handsinthapocket: but in the end...spinner really feels bad..and he shows up at the hospital and is crying and beating himself up sbout it. and spinner was like "i killed my best friend."
handsinthapocket: it was sad
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: aww
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: so is jimmy head
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: *dead
handsinthapocket: lol [< about the craig thing]
handsinthapocket: nope...jus critical condition
handsinthapocket: so hazel went int ohistarics
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: oh
handsinthapocket: histarics*
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3: geez..i cant handle this show
handsinthapocket: yeah
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 11:13:23 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 returned at 11:16:41 PM.
hOLLyWoOdHuNNi3 is away at 11:19:00 PM.



Boys, just do it----Tell her you think shes cool. Tell her why you think shes so cool. Smell her hair. Talk to her in movie theatres. Pick her up and pretend youre going to throw her in the river; shell scream and fight you but secretly, shell love it. Hold her hand and skip. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand. Pick flowers from other peoples gardens and give them to her. Tell her she looks pretty. Let her pay for stuff if she wants to. Introduce her to your friends as The coolest girl I know. Sit in the park and talk to her. Take her to the library, and playgrounds, and train stations. Tell her dirty jokes. Tell her stupid jokes. Write poems about her. Just walk around with her. Throw pebbles at her window at night. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Take her to shows of bands shes never heard of. Hold her hand in the mosh pit. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Call her. Call her back if she calls you. Sing to her, no matter how bad you are. Carve your names into a tree. Get her mad, then kiss her. Give her piggy-back rides. Go see her band play even if they really suck, and tell her they were great. Give her space if she needs it. Push her on swings. Stay up with her all night when shes sick. Make up pet names for her, but cool ones, not sappy ones. Teach her guitar. Lend her your cds. Write on her. Make her mixtapes. Write her letters. If she asks you to go to a show with her, go, even if it means a 5 hour train trip. Take her to cool shops, and let her take you to even cooler ones. Listen to all the bands she mentions. Dont tell her that her favorite bands suck. When shes sad, hang out with her or stay on the phone with her, even if shes not saying anything. Buy her ice cream. Let her take all the photos of you she wants. Look into her eyes. Slow dance with her, even if the music is fast. Kiss her in the rain. When you fall in love with her, tell her.

[x] stephanie [x]
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