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12th::sunday school

13th::Tessa's Birthday! school. practice. 1st STALKER INCIDENT!

14th::school.running @edsel ford. JV won. varsity lost. i got in trouble. this game pretty much sucked. people mad fun of brian and i felt bad. and people also chanted about hadous. people were just being mean. the cool part though, was nataly brought cupcakes for her b-day. and mr. baughman bought us free concessions. oh yeah! and the bus ride home was scary! we're all crammed in our 5 to a seat bus seats and all of a sudden we hear cussing and pounding coming from the back of the bus. we turn around and two of the varsity basketball players are beating the crap out of each other and shoving each other against the bus and windows and so the bus driver lady stops the bus in the middle of the road and starts tellling the boys to cut it out on her walky talky. like they are actually gonna listen. since the're cheerleaders sitting in the asile way, the b-ball coach like tramped us and broke up the fight. and the two guys fighting were talking about shooting each other and the one guy rips open his shirt and points to his heart. then, lmao, shrek tells all the cheerleaders to turn around. it was hilarious!

15th::school.cheer pics.cheer meeting.buddy's @ 5 with the cheer team. it was actually fun...we did our secret santa gift exchange. i got a lot of cute stuff. I had Jill Boese and Stephanie Fawaz had me. after buddy's i went to the MCC2 christmas party. it was fun. i was suprised some people admitted the things they did. i mean, one person said their grandma gave them a lap dance...and also, my bubble became famous.

16th::school. madline got me rainbow underpants coinpurse. lol. and "touch me! i'm super soft" socks. and katie got me M Den Michigan stuff..for i love michigan. lol. running club. ab workout...good times! game @ truman. both JV and varsity lost. i had to sit out a quarter this game for getting in trouble at the EF one. i was excited tho. it took a century for the varsity b-ball players to exited the locker room, so we were there til late and i was upset.oh yeah! and it was "my birthday"! katie told everyone in my french class that and they believed her, so jared felt bad he didn;t get me anything, so he gave me one of his daily 3 in the pocket clementines that he eats in LA. and i gave it to katie, so he freaked out and then i told him it really wasn't my birthday and he was mad i lied, then gave the clementine to katie. man, he really needs to learn how to spell my name. lmao! and then one friday nida gives me a b-day card, it was funny! practice. i was suppose to stay after however to learn how to use the darkroom. but i didn't. the day was fun tho. i got a giftcard for blockbuster from Mr. Darwish for StuCo Secret Santa. and michelle and sarah made this cute cd's. 2nd STALKER INCIDENT! dead serious! nadine was there this time and to not make it obvious she was turning aroud, she ran to the other side of the hallway. lmao!

18th::My MoMmY's b-day. first day of 2 week x-mas BREAK! went out to dinner at big boy's. gave her her gifts. did cleaning/chores, as a "present for her" i helped out at the christmas pagent rehursal for like 3 hours. i helped nora make costumes...acording to the program i was assistant animal costumer.oh man...nora was so stoned and hung over. i can't believe who was there with her. she was so wasted and dirty. and she couldn't stop swearing. oh yeah! me and nora got thrown into the elementary christmas pagent as one of the 10 little angels in the "10 little angels dance". i was angel #9. i laugh all through the dance rehursal and couldn't stop. me, julie, and nora were the tallest angels by a good 2 feet, because all the other angels were 6 and 7 years old. lmao! it was SO funny. we really stood out. and then cob without our consult, b/c we were gunna make him be one of the 10 little angels [<- that would have been hilarious! the next "gabriel"], made a dalmation mask that took up a whole piece of foam that was ment for 5 masks. me and nora were freaking out because the dog looked like crap. and cob says "well, i asked pr. elise and the little boy and they said they like it." me: "cob, pr. elise was lying and saying that to be nice...and the little boy will take whatever you give him. he's 3!". at the pagent tho, it was funny..the little animals were ripping apart their eye here, a spot there, an ear over there. lol!

19th::Gathering meeting. Sunday School. Christmas and nora were the "fallen angels" the only angel costumes left were obviously only little kids, so the white angel gowns fit like tight long shirts/super short dress. lmao! it was hilarious and we were wingless because they didn't have any wings for us. oh man..we screwed up the dance big time! i was singing the song while i was dancing, which i wasn't suppose to but people loved it. lmao. and then there was mike with his broke foot and sprained ankle on crutches, "i'm in college and yet i still get roped into this thing every year." <-lol! he had to read his lines off a paper while he was up there. after, i went to the pagent reception. then i left that early and went to babysit at the Clyne's. the kids were ok this time. i made $25 which is kewl.oh yeah! it's JuLiE's BiRtHdAy!

20th::[TODAY]MORGAN's BIRTHDAY! whOo! anyways..woke my hair cut. i actually like it. it's curled on bottom. i might have to try this again sometime. then, i went christmas shopping. i think i'm finally done with all my shopping! oh yeah...and my v-jacket came in, but i don't have the patches for it yet. and they messed up my chevron.


BLUEndWHITE6120: i found my random fact...
BLUEndWHITE6120: ihave a bubble on my knee
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: y do u need random facts
ViciousKitty88: ?
BLUEndWHITE6120: for this game for math club tonight
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's our "christmas party"
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: did u ever see the welt on my side?
ViciousKitty88: no?when u get that?!?
BLUEndWHITE6120: from none other than cheerleading...and it's HUGE
BLUEndWHITE6120: ask anyone
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's like famous
BLUEndWHITE6120: it's in it's healing process now tho
ViciousKitty88: lmao
ViciousKitty88: the famous welt
BLUEndWHITE6120: yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: but it will never replace "the bubble"
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: true
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah


I Love You 6348: hazzar!!!! lol stephanie, i must say... i love you. merry christmas. and a wonderfully happy new year
SocCerbAbebCRO13: hazzar?
I Love You 6348: lol its a new word
I Love You 6348: its like...ha! or something...i dunno i didnt make up a definition yet
SocCerbAbebCRO13: i love you too...merry holidays and a happy christmas...see you next year
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
SocCerbAbebCRO13: oh.....nice
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
I Love You 6348: ah, intriguing...see u next year too
I Love You 6348: hazzar! i just noticed u mixed up the happy n the clever
SocCerbAbebCRO13: yup yup....always using my noggin
SocCerbAbebCRO13: lol
I Love You 6348: lol
I Love You 6348: of course, u are very inteligent! (btw im talking formally from now on cuz its quite funny)
SocCerbAbebCRO13: ok
SocCerbAbebCRO13: do have anything exciting happen to u recently?
I Love You 6348: um...yesterday me, madeline, n jessie found a hubcap n i was gonna put a rope or somethin around it n wear it to school n say to ppl "look at my bling bling"
I Love You 6348: lol n thats about it
SocCerbAbebCRO13: exciting!
I Love You 6348: yes yes it was
I Love You 6348: but when i got in the car this morning my dad flipped out cuz i had it n he made me take it off
I Love You 6348: yes yes
I Love You 6348: i must be off dearly
I Love You 6348: deary*
SocCerbAbebCRO13: alrighty. cheery-o
I Love You 6348: ta ta deary
SocCerbAbebCRO13: hasta lavista
I Love You 6348: hasta luego
I Love You 6348 signed off at 11:10:13 PM.


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