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COUNTDOWN::*4 days til x-mas*6 days thil The Gathering

this is the first time in months that i've updated two days in a row. wow i'm excited.

i babysat for the Clyne's again. $30 more bucks. whoo! i let kenny have the hoover boys over and they all were hungry so i ended up making pancakes, girlled cheese, and sugar christmas sugar cookies [with frosting] from scratch. the kitchen was a disaster. but it was funny because pattie says backpack as "packpack" lol.

i have to babysit for them again tomarrow. and i am going out to dinner with the extended fam for my mom's b-day. olive garden i think.

i jus found out today that nikki broke up with her fiancee. i was so sad.

well...that's about it.

nora is the sweetest thing. i was like "nora i absolutely love your voice. i was so jealous of you when you first came here because you got all those solos and you had the most amazing voice." and she was like "what a coincidence! i was so jealous of your beauty when i first came here. i was like man she's so beautiful."
^ and nora were secretly jealous of each other.

exes and ohs,
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