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Mi Gathering '04 ~ Online@prayer.god ~ rocked!

this week's been crazy!

Monday[x]->showed up at church at 9:00 a.m. to leave. we had a small sending worship and then we were off. the people who went were: me, ash, elaine, emily, ruth, hannah, mrs. kaye, jill, emma, jake, josh, joe, alan, cob, mark, mr. kaye, brian, greg, and nick. i sat in the van with ash and elaine [my ohio cuz'n]. i felt bad b/c ruth made cob sit with her in the truck with her and all her coloring books, crayons, and wordsearches. in fact that was how it was all week long. ruth would make cob do everything with her and no one else. he always had to sit with her, go to concerts that he didn't want to go to with her, and eat food with her. i felt bad for the poor guy. but his mom did say to him to be nice to ruth. anyways...we drive to Fowlerville and stop to eat at a mcdonald's there. we talked our mclanguage [i hope you mcchoke] and talked about how funny it is going to be when alex and katie's brother get's to the high school age because he'll be mcmack mcmcdonell. and mr. kaye was presented a *WEENY HAT* and there were these creepy old men who kept asking me and my sister if we in town for a tournament or finals. lol. then, we loaded back into the van and drove to south lansing to the holiday inn there to stay for the gathering. we had to wait in the lobby at first, then we went to orientation, then we moved to another hallway and got our green gathering braclettes and our room keys. we took the elevator [one of two times we took the elevator the whole time...the elevators were usually too crowded so we'd take the stairs. then, i find out that elaine is in my room and i was so excited but confused because my room had 5 people in it [including elaine] and ash's room room only had 3, so they decided that was a mess-up, so elaine got switched to ash's room. which was okay because my room [479] and their room [481] had a connector door which was open most of the time. ruth's mom packed 8 pairs of new ear plugs for whoever slept in her room. lol. i was less than thrilled to be sharing a room with her. in my room there was me, emma [goose], mrs. kaye, and ruth. ruth and mrs. kaye shared a bed and emma had a queen to herself and i slept on a roll-away cot. in ash's room there was ash, elaine, jill, and emily. so then everyone met in SPY central [mr. kaye's room] like we do before almost every event and before we go to sleep. then, we loadded back into the van and went to Mjeirs and every one bought tons of junk food and pop and sugar and me ash and elaine bought 60 dollars [nick, brian, and gregg spent $70 on junk food only] worth of salade, soup, juice, milk, bagels, cream cheese, fruit, cereal bars, elaine's starbuck's carmel frappacino's which she down'd, and yougurt. oh yeah! and a strawberry shortcake toothbrush b/c i left mine at home. so we go to check out and people were going crazy about mine and ash's chevron's. it was like "the thing". and then mr. kaye told everyone to meet by this one door when we were done. well, 20 minutes later, there is still no one. so, we're concerened. then we see mr. kaye frantically running through the store. and i was like "hey! everyone's in the van!" turns out everyone messed up and met at the other door. lol! so the kids were mad at us. lol. when we got our grocery's out of the back of the truck when we got back nick, brian, and gregg were throwing our healthy food at us and threatening to make me crawl in the truck bed to retrieve their double oreos because we knocked then to the back of the bed. oh pays to be healthy. so we get back and i go to the boy's room and open up my michigan drum which is FILLED with sugar and candy and i said "we're not all healthy" which they said was good. then me and ash and elaine wanted to steal the boy's food, so i did a james bond thing where i crawled and slid on my stomach into their room [their door was open and nick, mr. kaye, and mrs. kaye were t.v. mrs. kaye was the only one who saw me come in but she jus smiled b/c she thought it was funny] and took their okey-dokey cheese popcorn, a bag of mounds and 2 boxes of gushers. it was SO funny! we had to give them back later b/c they were upset. especially about their gusher's, but they didn't even notice their cheese popcorn was gone. and it wasn't even hidden very well, jus under a pillow in the closet. emily locked herself in the bathroom to practice her violin. lol! almost everyone except me, ash and elaine went to Flap Jacks for dinner. the threee of us stayed back and had soup and salade. and then we went to mass gathering [2 hours long!...every time! twice a day!] ruth couldn't handle it. and then after, we went to "Chatrooms" [community shuffle]and i was suppose to be in chatroom 19 but i decided to switch to chatroom10 so i could be with all the girls [except ruth]. chatroom were okay. we split into two groups b/c we didn't have any leaders. jus luke and diana. <3 i love them. they were SO nice. then, after chatrooms we had free time [in which i did nothing] until we met in mr. kaye's room at 11:15 for our nightly meetting. then we went to bed.

Tuesday[x]->woke up early. went to 2 hour mass gathering. then i went to chat chatroom was awesome! jim[my], chris, jay, jennifer, rachel, diana, luke, jamie, jim, emily, and a few others <3 then we ordered pizza for lunch from Pizza Hut. then me, elaine, and ash went to 2 workshops: "Discovering Islam" and "Basic Relationships". both were interesting. basic relationships was funny though because the girl's made out a list of what qualities they look for in a guy and the guys made one out about the girl's...well, the girl's for the guy's list had like 60 items on it. and the guy's for the girl's had 5. lol. the guys were complaining that they can't be all those qualities at once. then, me, ash and elaine went to a self defense class to learn a bunch of sweet-o stuff, like how to kick out kneecaps [ash loved that one ;-)] then we left that one early. which was funny, because when we got up to leave, almost all the class followed, cuz the trainer guy was beating up the little kid as a demo and he wanted to all this stuff. then we went to the big pig contest. Josh won! it was pretty sweet. he actually tied with this heavy-weight champ but after they announced josh the took them several seconds, in which the guy finished his pie, to get to where he was eating. ruth got dragged into the pie eating contest and ate like 1 bite. lol. nick was in it to...i thought he was going to do better. me and elaine couldn't even recognize him because he had this bandana on. nick wasnted me and elaine to do the pie eating contest. i was afraid that it was going to be fruit filled pie [which it was] and elaine was gunna bring sliverware to eat it. lol. but we had our self-defense class, which was our excuse. then most of our church went to Charlie Kang's all-you-can-eat chinese buffet. it was sad, they had a child-labor*d boy working there. it was good though. we came back, then went went to a 2 hour mass gathering and then chatrooms. i went to the summerville [the pool boys] concert after the chatrooms. it was AWESOME! they did their cover song of "california" by phantom planet [The O.C. theme song] and it was song good...jus as good as the original...maybe even better? when i told elaine [HUGE O.C. fan] since she didn't go to the concert, she freaked out! lol. she heard it later at mass gathering though and fell in love with it. then we had our nightly church group meeting and went to sleep.

Wednesday[x]->by far the best day! 2 hour mass gathering. chatrooms. me, elaine, and emma went to flapjacks for lunch. everyone else went to the hotel restaurant. then me, elaine, and ash went to 2 workshops : "THE ROAD SHOW: HOMOSEXUALITY" and "SHOWING FAITH THROUGH LOVE" [with elizabeth]. they were both pretty interesting. then...the whole church went to Applebee*s for dinner. and apparently we stole Luke*s reservation. lol. Applebee*s was awesome though. good food. nick, greg, and brian were sporting pink hats and dloves and scarves. jake was playing with steak knives and cut his fingers a couple of times. nick tortured ashley with stories about kneecaps and bending backwards and football injuries. then we came back, went to a 2 hour mass gathering and then chatrooms. [everyone's high was applebee's...except luke's -lol!] and then later that night there was the mardi gras party which you were required to go to a 1/2 hour of. i was suppose to go to yoga with elaine and ash part way through the party, but i was having such a good time i didn't wanna leave. there was food and cookies! emma was being a pimp, sporting my soccer beads from new orleans. and then...there was this magician...and so me, nick, hannah [hannah*s looked like fish eggs], josh, and mark got balloon hats and they were SUPER tall! and people were staring at and then we went to the stairs to go up to our hotel rooms and the hotel manager tells us to take off our hats b/c they might set off a smoke detector in the hallways. so we take our hats off and we go upstairs. so we're in the hallway and my hat pops, so nick took it apart and made it into a sword. and then i wanted the mardi gras mask that i let nick "borrow" back, but he refused, saying i said he could have it. and cob wasn't helping by taking nick's side. so i kept hitting nick with my sword and then i took his hat and ran into the emergency fire stairway and me and him were fighting on the stairs and i was pulling his hair. and then, this hotel manager opens the door to the stairwell and we we didn't wanna get yelled at so we told the guy we're okay and we left. then i got the mask up from around his neck, but he grabbed the strings to hold on the mask in his teeth at the last minut, so i pulled really hard of the mask and i warned him that i was going to rip his teeth out and he said he didn't care. and there were this random gathering attenders walking in the halls and i would tell them to tell nick to give me my mask back, and they would tell him, but he wouldn't listen, telling them that i "gave" it to him. i even asked the nice nick [who was my cuz*n nick's roomate. nick was cool. i miss him <3] finally i got the mask away and hid it. then, this random guy comes out of the emergency stairwell and walks up to us and is like "nice hat" as he takes the balloon hat off nick's head. nick meanwhile, is too distracted by me mrying to rip the mask from his teeth, that he doesn't notice the guy walk away with his hat. and so when i got the mask away, nick asks "where's my balloon hat?" and no one knew. finally we figured out that that random guy took it and we were so confused that this man jus walked up, told nick's hat and walked away with it, without us knowing it. nick was mad. and we never saw that man again. about 10 minutes later, the fire alarm starts going off. so everyone is still at the party, so we take the emergency stairs outside. and we get outside and people are freezing. it's not that bad though. the HILARIOUS part though, was that ruth forgot/didn't go back in her room to put her shoes on, so she was outside in the snow barefoot and complaining. *LOL! it turns out the alarm went off because of a helium wasn't on eof out hats at least...then we had our church nightly group meeting and greg, brian, and jake walk in and they're in their clothes sopping wet. turns out, they jumped in the pool with their clothes on and the fire alarm went off. lol...also jake is inducted as a weeny, because when the fire alarm went off, jake got out of the pool, put his clothes on and jumped back in the pool. lol. then, we had the epigandra of the "towel flip that girls do when their hair's wet". nick, greg, and brian all sported that look.....PRICELESS.

Thursday[x]->chatrooms [it was so sad leaving my chatroom. i miss them <3]. 2 hour mass gathering. then everyone said their good-byes. it was sad. then, we all loaded up in the van and took off. we stopped at TACO HUT/PIZZA BELL and screamed out prayers and song with other groups there. and josh ate 10+ tacos/burritos and a refillable BIG GULP a and then "the machus children" got in mr. kaye's truck, and the truck and van went to Circut City at 12 Oaks Mall and dropped us off and my. aunt Irene was there and so was my dad's cousin from Eygpt [whom my aunt thought it was a surprise that they were coming, but everyone knew]. and then we went to my aunt irene's and uncle bill's for a machus christmas party and everyone was there! it was really nice. there was awesome food and this kewl lightning game that zaps/electricutes you. and then we played a gift exchanging game. it was sweet, nick gave me the bow on his package, because i wanted it so bad. and then i opened my present. i got 2 tubes of LAYS chips and 2 12 packs of Jones soda [blue bubblegum and creme soda]. after awhile, everyone started to leave. it was AWESOME though!

IT WAS AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE I KNEW AND REMEMBERED. shelby..other random kids. the red haired boy and the sailor boy from camp this past year. camp consulers. I EVEN SAW MY EMMA HEPPLER! <3

Friday[x]->slept in. going bowling and to new years eve party with family and friends somewhere. [i am confused as to where]. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE EVERYONE!

The good food..the good friends..the good memories..the good times::GATHERING '04 [i miss you and luvV you all!]


RoSe BoWl ToMaRrOw! [michigan is going to kick some texas butt!]

god's peace [[be with you]]:,
[x] stephanie [x]
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