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6:00 a.m. soccer game...5:00 a.m wake up...I'm doing good...

Monday[x]::school.cheer practice

Tuesday[x]::school.running club. b*ball game at HOME vs. ALLEN PARK. Jv lost but varsity won! it was nice, my allen park aunt and uncle came over on the dearborn side to watch me cheer for the JV game, and then went over to the allen park side to watch their son, nick, play in the varsity game. even my grandma, grandpa, and 2 uncles went to the other side! traitors... no, it was fun though...i was carrying mats down to the cafeteria, and nick came up and sat on the mat i was carrying, and like broke my arms...

Wednesday[x]::school. cheer practice. 6-8 tutoring help at DCMST.

Thursday[x]::school. after-school tutoring help [which was a total joke. I HATE MATH~WITH A PASSION!]. was late for cheer practice. dance class...gosh it was good to be back! I WAS SO EXICTED! i miss dance so much...and my friends from it too. <3

Friday[x]::Ashley's 17th Birthday~! man she's [MATH FINAL... :-( ]photo club and yearbook pic. bball game at RObicahud. Jv won!...varsity lost.

Yesterday[x]::went to mongolian for ash's birthday. and then went to micheal's for supplies for today. then, i studied for my French final.

Today[x]::6:00 a.m. indoor soccer game. i scored! which was sweet and we also won! i went to slidetackle a girl on the other time and i kicked the back of the ankle, causing her to kick the ball everyone thought i scored a 2nd goal, but it wasn't I'm ALIVE AND AWAKE NOW! and no one is online. i've played a soccer game, had breakfast, and taken a shower and still no one in my house is awake. RISE AND SHINE SLEEPYHEADS!::
-later today though, i have to teach sunday school. nora's not gunna be there, and i'm having the kids make jewlry. i sure hope the kids don't swallow the beads! lol. then, i have to work on my ISM final for tomarrow...dreamweaver.


BLUEndWHITE6120: okee dokee, i*m back
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: kool
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said i was jose
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im not a man!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i only got 2 wrong on the-n quiz
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im a genuis
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: but they said i was jose
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: im not a MAN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you?
BLUEndWHITE6120: j/k
BLUEndWHITE6120: that sucks
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i kno
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was like girl not MAN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: they should have a ? or something like: female or male, so at least they know which gender to pick for you
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: duh
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said i like girls nd money but mosly girls
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i was like uhhh NO
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i like MEN
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: now im taking a quiz on how degrassi is my life
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i better score high
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said that my life was a lot like degrassi h/o ill copy nd past
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: Degrassi's not exactly "Reality TV". I mean it definitely pushes the limits of how much drama happens in one school or to one group of people. But, hey, some people's lives push the drama limits all the time. We get the sense that you're the type of Degrassi fan that's blurting out "That is SO MY LIFE" more often than "That would SO never happen!"
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol thats soooo true
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: they said im a flirt too
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: danm they get me
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i g2g...i*m getting tutor*d/math help on a project over at DCMST...ttyl...bye
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: bye
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lylas

Sk8great128: steph u have to ask him tomorrow
Sk8great128: or its gonna be too late
BLUEndWHITE6120: ok...i was going to today after school...but then i asked nadine what to call him [i.e. "hey jerimiah or hey jeremy"] and when i turned around...he was gone
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: i no she told me lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: what do you call him/what should i call him?
Sk8great128: um jeremiah
Sk8great128: cuz mr gordon asked what he likes to be called and he said jeremiah
Sk8great128: dont ask how i remembered
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: cuz his sister calls him jer
BLUEndWHITE6120: and i was
BLUEndWHITE6120: i'm not calling him that
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't wanna be a total loser and call him some random name that he either doesn't like or doesn't go by
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: lol
Sk8great128: yea
BLUEndWHITE6120: i should say..."hey jeremiah, i was wondering if you had a date for the sponge dance. if you don't, i wanted to know if you would like to go with me?"
BLUEndWHITE6120: does that sound good?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: yea it does lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: because...i was jus gunna say hey, and not say his name, therefore i wouldn't have to worry about it, but then i was like, "what if he doesn't turn around to look at me. then i'd have to like tap him on the shoulder."
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: this is a long process
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
Sk8great128: lol
Sk8great128: i c your point but you gotta get there early and like wait around his locher and make sure you catch hime
BLUEndWHITE6120: toal stalker status!
BLUEndWHITE6120: yes!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: total*
Sk8great128: hey you gotta do waht u gotta do lol
Sk8great128: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: well, i g2g...i*m getting tutor*d/math help on a project over at DCMST...ttyl...bye
Sk8great128: ok bye
Sk8great128 signed off at 5:44:07 PM.

handsinthapocket: are you coming tuesday to the allen park vs. dearborn basketball game?
ApAllStar3260: idk
ApAllStar3260: wheres it at
ApAllStar3260: whats your email
ApAllStar3260: mazenblue
handsinthapocket: it's at dearborn [i'm cheerleading!]
handsinthapocket: which or aol?
ApAllStar3260: both
ApAllStar3260: no im not going
ApAllStar3260: we have a half day and i going to the movies with people
handsinthapocket: fine...
handsinthapocket: >:o
handsinthapocket: j/k
handsinthapocket: i love you
handsinthapocket: lol
ApAllStar3260: ok
handsinthapocket: um...i have no mazenblue email
handsinthapocket: i think that's the kaye's
ApAllStar3260: so then which ones yours
handsinthapocket: from the erica email?
ApAllStar3260: yeah
ApAllStar3260: u got it
ApAllStar3260: im looking at them now
handsinthapocket: mine's not on there....ash forwarded it to me
ApAllStar3260: oh ok
ApAllStar3260: what is it
handsinthapocket: i have so many email addresses and s/n's that it isn't funny
handsinthapocket: timberlake is my aol address
handsinthapocket: and then i have 50 gazillion yahoo s/n's
handsinthapocket: or email addresses
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: i remember that one
handsinthapocket: what one?
ApAllStar3260: timberlake
handsinthapocket: ok..
ApAllStar3260: did u put erikas sn on your buddy list
handsinthapocket: no
handsinthapocket: did u
ApAllStar3260: yeah
ApAllStar3260: im talking to her
handsinthapocket: how come you didn't go to the camp meeting
ApAllStar3260: did u
ApAllStar3260: i totally forgot
handsinthapocket: yeah
ApAllStar3260: what did they talk about
handsinthapocket: i'm not going tho
ApAllStar3260: to sail camp
ApAllStar3260: me neither
handsinthapocket: it was so gay b/c my mom made me go anyways
ApAllStar3260: lol
ApAllStar3260: actually i was at my gmas while my mom was at kroger
handsinthapocket: and then we had to drive jeff to the funeral parlor b/c his great-g*ma died
ApAllStar3260: oh
ApAllStar3260: and then when mi madre came back i went to subway and i started talking to chante
ApAllStar3260: l
handsinthapocket: seriously
ApAllStar3260: yeah
handsinthapocket: how do you recognize her?
ApAllStar3260: she was really really nice
ApAllStar3260: no
handsinthapocket: how do you know her
handsinthapocket: ?
ApAllStar3260: listen
handsinthapocket: besides through danielle
handsinthapocket: i don't think you've ever met her...have you?
ApAllStar3260: this one girl that was working there was like i going to go wash dishes if chanel doesnt mind and then i was like oh i know chantel and the girl that was making my sub was like im chantel and then i was like yeah and i know you and my sister but the i started telling her a lot about danielle and she kept giving me like a weird look
ApAllStar3260: but anyways
ApAllStar3260: what grade is she is
ApAllStar3260: *in
ApAllStar3260: Lauren Hemming CW
handsinthapocket: 12th
handsinthapocket: how did you know that that was danielle's chatel
handsinthapocket: chantel*
ApAllStar3260: she told me at camp
handsinthapocket: and what the heck is that lauren flemming thing?
ApAllStar3260: idk lol
ApAllStar3260: it was in erikas profile
handsinthapocket: ok...?
handsinthapocket: oh
ApAllStar3260: look at her journal
the journal (friends only, but ask and I'll add you!)
ApAllStar3260: its different from everyone elses
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: aarons journal is in erikas
ApAllStar3260: look at it
ApAllStar3260: ruth wrote aaron an email and he put it in there
ApAllStar3260: r u looking at it
handsinthapocket: yeah...ash was telling me about
ApAllStar3260: about thanksgiving
handsinthapocket: yeah
handsinthapocket: i think her mom typed it up and sent it as her
ApAllStar3260: lol
ApAllStar3260: haha
handsinthapocket: too many big words for ruth
handsinthapocket: lol
ApAllStar3260: omg
ApAllStar3260: i ahve gto go pee
handsinthapocket: ok...go do that
handsinthapocket: don't kill yourself
ApAllStar3260: that was funny
handsinthapocket: what?
ApAllStar3260: the letter
ApAllStar3260: how do u read erikas journal
handsinthapocket: ?
ApAllStar3260: what did they talk about at the camp meeting
handsinthapocket: camp
ApAllStar3260: what kinds
handsinthapocket: all kinds
ApAllStar3260 is away at 3:31:56 PM.
ApAllStar3260 returned at 3:33:31 PM.
ApAllStar3260: was nora there today
handsinthapocket: no
handsinthapocket: but her dad was
handsinthapocket: she was there for sunday school though
ApAllStar3260: were you at church
ApAllStar3260: 11 or 830
handsinthapocket: nope
handsinthapocket: neither
ApAllStar3260 is away at 3:53:09 PM.

^Nick, Greg, and Brian sporting pink.

^Nick, Greg, and Brian at Applebee's

^jake [or is that josh?] and cob...haha this pic cracks me up

^Greg is emily's hat.



^alright now...


^The pie-eaters [all of them]

^The champion...josh

^Josh, Nick, and Ruth participating in the pie eating contest [::*THE BIG PIG*::]

luvv ya!
[x] Steferly [x]
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