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Some convo*s...i'll update more later.

ViciousKitty88: hey
BLUEndWHITE6120: hey
ViciousKitty88: whats up my homeslice?
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: good one...
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: not too much
BLUEndWHITE6120: what about you chump?
ViciousKitty88: lol nothin i just finished my la notes for my final
BLUEndWHITE6120: ah...1st hour?
ViciousKitty88: yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: i have french final 1st hour and ISM (computer) final the second half
BLUEndWHITE6120: what lunches you have?
ViciousKitty88: C and C
ViciousKitty88: u?
BLUEndWHITE6120: aw..A & A
ViciousKitty88: man
ViciousKitty88: thats gay
BLUEndWHITE6120: i know!
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: what does genny have?
ViciousKitty88: i wiwhs i had a different lunch
ViciousKitty88: i dunno
ViciousKitty88: but i dont want my regular lunch
ViciousKitty88: lol its boring
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...
ViciousKitty88: u spelled led zeppelin wrong
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you going to sponge?
ViciousKitty88: umm im not really sure
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah...i*m pretty sure i*m gunna ask someone...but everytime i go to ask...something bad/weird i got tackled in the hall one time and another time katie grabbed me and dragged me to this classroom to get paperwork for the pom
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't like this concept of girls asking
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: me either
ViciousKitty88: its gay
ViciousKitty88: like finals
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
ViciousKitty88: and notes
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: omg katie isnt talking to me!
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: wth
ViciousKitty88: w/e
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: so r u doing indoor still?
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: u?
ViciousKitty88: yup yup
BLUEndWHITE6120: sweet..
ViciousKitty88: what happened to anna?
BLUEndWHITE6120: she got hurt today on the field
ViciousKitty88: she said she sprained her ankel
BLUEndWHITE6120: i*m not sure exactly what happen tho
BLUEndWHITE6120: probably
ViciousKitty88: lol i asked her if she was kicked
BLUEndWHITE6120: she fell pretty hard
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: she didnt really answer to what happened
ViciousKitty88: i dont think she knos either
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: did u play at 6am today?
ViciousKitty88: or was that a different game
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah, today was 6 a.m.
BLUEndWHITE6120: :-\
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: aww
ViciousKitty88: i feel bad
ViciousKitty88: my mom said she probly hurt her self cuz she was tired
BLUEndWHITE6120: maybe
BLUEndWHITE6120: but i got home at like 7:45ish and i was all hyper and awake and no one in my house was awake, so i went online and noo one was online, cuz everyone was
ViciousKitty88: i my self think that it would b pretty fun to play at 6am
ViciousKitty88: oh i was really hyper after my game
ViciousKitty88: it was weird
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: i makes you hyper.
BLUEndWHITE6120: like, you don't know what to do
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: ya
BLUEndWHITE6120: sometimes it makes me feel like i*m on a sugar
ViciousKitty88: omg yes!
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: soccer's a freakin
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: i was think the same thing
ViciousKitty88: *thinkin
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: so is brittany any good in net @ indoor?
BLUEndWHITE6120: um..yeah
BLUEndWHITE6120: i don't really like her tho
ViciousKitty88: me either
BLUEndWHITE6120: she annoys me...
BLUEndWHITE6120: she annoys EVERYONE!
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: i heard she talks about me at least jessie told me she used to
BLUEndWHITE6120: i*m sure she does
BLUEndWHITE6120: she's jus jealous
ViciousKitty88: like how she would beat me up to b goalie 4 DHS
ViciousKitty88: she might b
ViciousKitty88: i mean i never did anything to her
ViciousKitty88: she pisses me off
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: me
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: everyone on our team like hates her
ViciousKitty88: lmaoi
ViciousKitty88: *lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: and she thinks everyone likes her
ViciousKitty88: ya thats what jessie would tell me
ViciousKitty88: do u think they r gunna switch the girls season to fall? cuz my mom was talkin about it yesterday
BLUEndWHITE6120: my mom told me today that the only sports switching (that is going to the supreme court) are: volleyball moving to fall, girl's b-ball moving to winter, girl's tennis/boy's tennis would switch, and girl's golf/boy's golf would switch
BLUEndWHITE6120: i would be so ticked if the switch girl's season to fall. i dunno how i could choose between cross country and soccer. of course i'd go for soccer b/c i love it so much and have been playing it for so long (long that >-CC->) but i don't think i could jus leave cross country like that.
ViciousKitty88: ya really
ViciousKitty88: that would suck cuz i really like field hockey even though our team sucks
ViciousKitty88: lmao
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: are you doing it next year?
ViciousKitty88: heck yes
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: i could get 4 yrs varsity if i stick with it
BLUEndWHITE6120: you and your gi-mongus bag
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: yeah..same here!
BLUEndWHITE6120: that's cool
ViciousKitty88: that bag is huge
ViciousKitty88: it bugs me
ViciousKitty88: but it holds everything
ViciousKitty88: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: you look like you're going camping and you're carrying the tent
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
ViciousKitty88: lmao
ViciousKitty88: looks like im moving out of my house
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol...homeless
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: ppl be whispering...."hey did ya hear about that madeline girl" "ya i heard shes homeless now"
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: oh man hav u seen my brothers red hat b4?
ViciousKitty88: im sure u hav every1 has
ViciousKitty88: lol
ViciousKitty88: darn i gtg lilli wants to use the computr
ViciousKitty88: ttyl lylas
ViciousKitty88 is away at 7:36:10 PM.
BLUEndWHITE6120: lylas..later

Auto response from ViciousKitty88: around the house
watchin tv



Auto response from BLUEndWHITE6120: ::my secret is fatally gorgeous::

XxImBigUpNoRtHxX returned at 8:37:26 PM.
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: omg hes sooo hot
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: go there
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: k
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i think hes like 17
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: still very do-able
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: ugh
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i wanna jump out of his cake lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: haha...exotic dancer?
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol j/k
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: no prostatute so i could do him
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lmao
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: id be a good birthday present
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
BLUEndWHITE6120: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i would
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: god danm it he has a g/f tho
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lol
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: madeline thiks he looks like a onkey!
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: monkey*
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i dont tho
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: lo
BLUEndWHITE6120: um...he remsembles a monkey a little bit...not really though
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: uhhh i beg to differ
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: i g2g see ya tommrow
XxImBigUpNoRtHxX: bye
BLUEndWHITE6120: lylas. later
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