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It seems like i'm the one to love to hate...

Monday[x]: was going good until the afternoon. then it was a complete disatster. let's say, i ended up crying because my final for ISM was making a dreamweaver website(s) and i had it as a matter and copy and pasting, and then at school my whole project crashed and burned. so, i had to stay after school to fix it as best as i could. then, i went to cheer practice an hour late.

Tuesday[x]: school...once again, it was going good until the afternoon. I had my chemistry final, which i basically bombed. but that's ok cuz i was expecting to. and i als oasked my sponge date to sponge but i got a "um..i don't know. i'll think about it." answer and so what am i suppose to do/say now? "are you done thinking"? after school, i went to running club. after running club, i went to the b-ball game at Monroe. both JV and varsity won.

Wednesday[x]:1/2 day! whoo. first one since >-cc-> season's been over and i actually got to hang out after school! it was exciting. [i miss cross country.] okay so i went to school for my gym fianl, which was SO stupid, because no one showed up. it was really a waste of a day. then, I went to kendal's after school. we walked in the snow to her house [katlyn, briget, sarah, me, kendal, madeline]. we stopped in little ceaser's however to pick up 2 pizzas, 2 crazy breads, and a 2 liter of coke. it was fun at kendal's. she freaked me out because she told me that my grandma was here to pick me up and i was like "what?! she's 2 hours early!" <-b/c that is something my grandma woul do. so i went to check, but she really wasn't there. then i went to cheer practice from 2-4.

Thursday[x]:start of semester break school! i had dance class(es) which was fun. we did our tri-daily thing, which it has been awhile since i've done that.

Friday[x]:no school. went shopping at 12 oaks. i bought a couple shirts and a [track] jacket. oh..and some lipgloss from sephora [like i need anymore after christmas]. then, i went to my game at Woodhaven. JV won 60-29 and Varsity won something like 65-50. and so was an okay day. i was super tired tho and i really wanted to sleep at the game and i didn't wanna be there, but it probably was one of the more fun games.

Today[x]:i woke up at 6 to watch the TRL re-run. tyler was on...which was awesome! then i went back to sleep. i woke up like 2 hours ago. today, i'm going to work on homework, clean :-( , and from 3-4 i'm suppose to do community service and help set up for the spaghetti dinner tomarrow at my church.

[x] stephanie [x]
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