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You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always unlocked.

today i woke up, took a shower, got dressed and then went to babysit.

$34 bucks for babysitting. i like the so yeah, i kind of lost the girl and i got really panicked, so i checked all the windows upstairs to make sure she didn't escape. and i still couldn't find her, so i was shouting her name. finally i told her brother, "if you find your sister, i'll make you a waffle." so the boy goes and he can't find he sits down at his computer desk and puts his headphones on. i was freaking out. what am i suppose to say, "sorry mrs. clyne, i lost you kid."? so i told the boy to go look again, "don't you want a waffle?" <-lol and then finally he finds her in the parents bathroom fixing her hair. lol.

then i came home and went to rose's to pick up my varsity jacket, and everything got screwed up, so we waited and waited until we were 30 minutes late for our dinner reservations at olive garden so she gave me my jacket and we left...i think i need to go back again to get stuff fixed. oh yeah...and then the lady made us pick up hot dog buns and bread for her. lol.

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